Saturday, May 02, 2015

Eye on Miami Saturday Editorial Page. By Geniusofdespair

The Miami Herald gave up on Saturday, but I didn't!

What is this dead animal with Maggots all over it found in a residential neighborhood?


Speaking of Maggots, I have often said the Florida Legislature shouldn't meet at all and I am always glad when the session is over. The Florida House took off early in a snit and that makes me very happy. I am happier than a pig in shit actually.

The Kendall Federation of Homeowners:

They are having a meeting June 8th at 7pm at their civic pavilion WAY out west. They invited Congressman Carlos Curbelo, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez, State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle and County Commissioner Juan C. Zapata. The Miccosukee Indians are trying to get the Kendall golf course they bought, designated as tribal land so maybe they can build a casino. Does that mean they do not have to pay property taxes as well? Hey Miccosukees, you can't just buy land and make it tribal. If you can do it, however, buy land all over the County.

Wasted Tax Dollars:
Did anyone know County Commissioner Souto had a Bus? What a waste of money.
Editorial Photos:
Does anyone miss the style of the pregnant woman of the 50's? Hide it any way you can.

Yes, we all know you have a parasite inside you Ms. 2015.

Dickheads of the week:
Charles Lee
For trying to justify a road rather than trying to stop it near Crystal River:
"When it appears inevitable that a highway corridor we don’t like is going to be built, we will advocate strongly for modifications, offsets, and mitigation to minimize the impacts on Conservation Lands."

That is Audubon for you, give up don't fight to the finish.

Rep. Matt Gaetz
 For implying "African American's are stupid" in a tweet. Out of 11 Democrats that filed a suit about the session ending early, he chose 2 Blacks to single out, saying: "This lawsuit reads like it was researched and drafted by Sen. Joyner...and spell checked by Sen. Bullard.  Woof, that is mean spirited, stereotyping and super racist. I guess Gaetz is the bigger dickhead and I don't mean that "bigger" in a good way.

Grand Opening For Hampton House, May 8. 2015, 11:00 a.m

Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez, Chairman Jean Monestine, District 3 Commissioner Audrey M. Edmonson, the Board of County Commissioners and the Historic Hampton House Community Trust, Inc. cordially invite the public to attend the Grand Opening of the Historic Hampton House, “the former jewel of the South,” to see how it has been brought back to its former glory. The event will take place on May 8, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. at the Historic Hampton House, 4240 N. W. 27 th Avenue and the admission is free.

The Grand Opening is the result of fifteen years of working, planning, and cooperation among citizens, government, organizations and the corporate world to restore a landmark in Miami and a portion of its vibrant history. During the days of segregation the Hampton House was the bridge that brought the races together to plan strategies for sit-ins, demonstrations, and marches to protest segregation. The local chapter of CORE had its monthly meetings there. It was the place where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. first said his “I have a Dream Speech” before saying it in Washington, D. C. It was where Mohamed Ali had his victory party February 25, 1964, when he beat Sonny Liston. It was where Malcolm x proselytized Cassius Clay to the Islam Faith. A long list of political figures, athletes, musicians and entertainers, both black and white, as well as those involved with the Civil Rights movement at the local and national levels stayed at the Hampton House.

Frequent visitors were Joe Louis, Jackie Robinson, Althea Gibson, Roy Campanella, Ray Charles, Patti LaBelle, Stevie Wonder, Lena Horne, Milton Berle, Sam Cook, Berry Gordy, Frank Sinatra, Flip Wilson, James Brown, Jackie Wilson, Nat King Cole, Nina Simone, LaVern Baker, and many others.

The Black entertainers could ENTERTAIN on Miami Beach but they couldn't STAY at the Miami Beach hotels.


Anonymous said...

The budget cutting Herald eliminating the Saturday editorial page is an insult to its readers. After a week of very important news and events, the Herald has nothing to say except protect its bottom line.
Aafter most Friday news dump by politicians and businesses, you would think there would be plenty to discuss on Saturday. The Herald is making itself irrelevant.

Geniusofdespair said...

What about us?? Look at all we wrote. It is so relevant.

cyndi said...

"Speaking of Maggots, I have often said the Florida Legislature shouldn't meet at all and I am always glad when the session is over. The Florida House took off early in a snit and that makes me very happy. I am happier than a pig and shit actually."

lol This week at our rally Sharon Lux showed up in Vulture Costume which I thought was an insult to the Vultures. But Maggots. I can go with that.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Matt Gaetz gets some more fallout from his idiocy. Shame on you for electing that dolt Hollywood, FL.

Btw, it's "pig IN shit". The pig is happy rolling around in the shit.

Anonymous said...

I believe it's a baby otter. And the expression is "happier than a pig in shit"- not and shit.

Anonymous said...

Yes Audubon folded like a cheap suit in the dispute over a turnpike though sensitive lands in Citrus County, including the State Withlacoochee forest. Nice work Audubon. And people think Audubon supports wildlife habitat. Think twice before you give your hard earned money to this outfit.

Geniusofdespair said...

Typo on the pig in shit quote.

Anonymous said...

There should be an Editorial about Marc Sarnoff and his wife working to ruin Downtown Miami with more ugly LED billboards. Seriously, the dude you gives them both money lives in Miami Beach so he doesn't give a crap except to make money off tourists and residents who will be distracted by his billboards. But Sarnoff?

Anonymous said...

Audubon folds. This is my surprised look, :-o
Once the pollution from the toll road in Citrus County hits the 3 magnitude 1 springs there, they'll be the first to cry for 'repairing the springs'. How's that working for the Everglades?

Ira said...

The know-it-all anon who called attention to your typo also criticized the people of Hollywood FL for electing Matt Gaetz.

In fact, Gaetz represents the voters of the Florida Panhandle. That's about as far as you can get from Hollywood and still be in Florida, anon dolt.

Unknown said...

It's a dead squirrel. A gray squirrel to be precise. Young ones tend to fall out of trees. Thanks to the maggots for disposing of them for us.

Anonymous said...

C'mon -- the Kendall Federation meeting is not that far WAY out west. It's off 122 Ave., on the west side of the Turnpike at Kendall Drive. WAY out would be further than 157 Ave., but I guess that is just perspective. Plenty of places to eat or drink before the meeting. The Moonlight Diner is pretty cool in a retro way. Homefield Sports Grill could provide a good buzz as needed before attending a gathering of such "dignitaries."

Anonymous said...

This is a topic that's near to my heart... Thank you! Exactly where are your contact details though?