Sunday, May 17, 2015

Slapp Suits Suck. By Geniusofdespair

The best antidote for Slapp suits (frivolous lawsuits meant to cost people big bucks) and developer harassment, is a lawyer getting Slapped, a lawyer from a prestigious first amendment law firm. You rock Dennis Olle!!!

Olle said, according to an article in the Miami Herald about harassing behavior by the developer who bought the endangered pine-rockland area where a rare butterfly was found:

Finding out who sent the picture may provide evidence for a legal claim, but it still doesn’t get around the fact that the butterfly was found, Olle said. 
“You’re going to sue me because I told someone I found an endangered species on your property?” he said. “Bring it on.”


Anonymous said...

Not a Slap Suit, coming to a City near you.
In Wyoming, Taking A Photo Of A Polluted Stream Could Land You In Jail

How Photographing Pollution Became Illegal In Wyoming

Cato said...

Lawyers certainly aren't and endangered species....can't say that makes me feel better

Anonymous said...

every year legislatures across the US(including Florida) have tried to pass laws making it a crime to photograph agricultural lands as well.

Anonymous said...

The City of Miami uses taxpayer money to hammer citizens and residents who complain about City elected officials administrators illegal behavior. Citizens get soaked twice.