Saturday, May 16, 2015

New sign of global warming: fish species native to Florida migrates to Indiana ... by gimleteye

Researchers erred this week believing they had discovered a brand new species of cave-dwelling fish in Mammoth Cave's southern Indiana regions. A fish with an anus on its forehead -- endemic in Florida -- has migrated from Florida waters to Indiana. Read about it here.

Florida anus-headed man-cave fish
The Hoosier cavefish displays an anus on its forehead just like the endemic Florida man-cave fish. Unlike the "walking" catfish which is evolving human-like motor skills, Florida's anus-headed man-cave fish is adapting toward reasoning skills.

Researchers will now be examining man-caves in other Southern states for signs of global-warming induced migration. Eye On Miami will be setting up a hot-line to report any anus-headed creatures found in the region.


Geniusofdespair said...

So there are Dickhead fish too?

Anonymous said...

Hurricanes have been slowly shifting northward as well. Have the insurance companies taken notice? South Florida is getting a similar weather pattern as the northern coast of South America had historically by being out of hurricane's harms way. Let's see what happens this year, I doubt we will be hit by any major storms due to hurricane path shift.

Cato (The Shit Head) said...

Anus on the forehead (close to brain)? interesting. On humans that would make for a hell of a lot more excrement, not to mention brain farts affecting the atmosphere with inordinate amounts of methane.

cyndi said...

Honestly I thought it was going to be a joke and it was going to come back and be a story about some politician with craniorectal inversion. Yikes. People need to pay attention to Global warming.