Friday, February 13, 2015

Watch That Body Language: Carlos Gimenez's 'Tell'. By Geniusofdespair

He cocks his head to the side and closes his eyes. The Tell. What he is trying to TELL us is what we should be trying to figure out.

Watch this video on Carlos Gimenez talking about libraries. Did you know that Part Time is as good as Full Time? No wait...he says they are better. Watch his Tell when he is giving this stupid explanation.
The head tilt for bad news? For what he really doesn't mean? Watch the above Miami Herald Video for these.

My video is more than great but do not forget the Herald video I linked to. He is so willing to give up benefits for Librarians. How about he gives up his?

I threw this video together (patched a few different videos into one) in an hour of Carlos Gimenez on the rampage and his "Tell" is there when issues are mentioned. Watch the damn video.
The Fire Boat problem still exists by the way, I wrote about it Feb. 8th. Very interesting when Jim Defede mentions the Beckhams soccer stadium, and the money for the Dolphins and American Airlines Arena how Gimenez reacts, his head almost falls off it is so tilted (this is a very short video):

Watch video on YouTube

Maybe the Tell is when he knows he is wrong.


Anonymous said...

The mayor seems to have a very aggressive side that does not look at the big picture. He seems to have no vision towards the future, just hostile remarks to people questioning his leadership decisions.

Anonymous said...

You would never know he was a union man in his life as a firefighter would you?

Anonymous said...

That head does flop around a lot.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for exposing the most corrupt mayor in the history of Miami-Dade County. This is one of a handful of blogs where we can get the truth about the constant attack by the mayor and his cronies against our tax monies and public owned properties. Please, keep up the good work and help us rid ourselves of Carligula, the County Emperor. We cannot expect any help from the Miami Herald or any of the compromised media services.

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of the Mayor, but on the fire boat issue, I agree with the Mayor.
If there is one department that should be audited is the Fire Dept., to include salaries, personnel and mission base on present-day needs as opposed to thirty years ago.
Not much wrong with cross-utilizing other cities(Coral Gables,Miami, and Miami Beach)fire boats to cover some areas.
The MDFD union played the "delay response to emergencies" scare tactic.

Anonymous said...

The delayed response scare tactic issue is only a "scare tactic" until you or a loved one is harmed because there is an unnecessary delayed response. Then it becomes personal and tragic. Time is everything in an emergency response. As far as fire boats go, I don't know about Miami and CG but Miami Beach doesn't have one.

Anonymous said...

He will be known as the elected official who said that "the age of the library is probably over." And, "when I shake hands with someone, I know they don't want to pay taxes." Both to WPLG 10.

How will we afford his use of every reserve that was meant to support infrastructure and pay for debt service in the 2020's?

Has anything good come from this Mayor's vision of the county?

Anonymous said...

This is a dude who does not respect the Rule of Law. He lets his lobbyist buddies put up as many illegal billboards as they want. He refuses to enforce the County Sign Code. Putz.

Anonymous said...

WOW, HE ACTUALLY SAID "people are dying all over this town"

Anonymous said...

If you search to find a leadership quote from our County Mayor on serious issues such as hundreds of motorcyclists taking over Miami-Dade County streets and highways on MLK Day - you will find nothing. Nothing.

And, by the way, even when the out-of-town hooligans were breaking traffic laws, "people weren't dying all over this town."

miaexile said...

there is so little of " best in class" in MD; too bad we dont have a visionary willing to stretch and establish a truly wolrd class county library system

Anonymous said...

Carlos Gimenez needs to go into retirement. Actual retirement.

Telly said...

As long as Gimenez opposes increased pay for the county union employees with their already bloated salaries, he is okay with me.

There were more than 4,700 county employees in 2014 who received over $100k in salary. Isn't it time we brought that mess under control?