Saturday, February 14, 2015

Eye on Miami's Saturday Editorial Page. By Geniusofdespair

...Only too happy to fix the Miami Herald's bad decision, to do away with their Saturday Editorial Page.

I actually have an opinion this week. 

I remember County Commissioner Barbara Jordan's anger at the Miami Marlins. They had promised jobs for her district then they advertised "Bi-lingual". She was angry because she knew it would leave out many of her constituents. They re-advertised without the requirement but we all know they still used it in hiring. Why are we not teaching her constituents Spanish?  It is a racial thing I am told, why should they have to learn Spanish? Well, it is stupid racial thing, stop with the posturing. They have to learn Spanish. Look at the numbers below.

How do we make the County Bi-lingual? You have to start all children in Kindergarten or first grade with real Spanish and/or English classes. Not some dopey course to use up time... a real serious second language course geared for young kids. I was told in the early 90's they had a Spanish class for African Americans --- 3rd or 4th graders -- but it was a joke. Besides that is too old. They have to be younger. Don't even waste your time trying to teach a language in middle school.

Frankly, if everyone in Miami Dade County does not know Spanish and English, they will not get the jobs they need even if they are otherwise qualified. South Americans refuse to speak English and we have to speak to them to sell them stuff they don't need.

I urge the School Board to take this seriously. I urge Barbara Jordan to lead this charge for the children in her district and be the face of the issue at the School Board.  The unemployment rates dictate that this is a good idea. So let's do it!

Commissioner Steve Bovo, looking at the Hialeah numbers, you might take an interest in English classes in Kindergarten for the kids in District 13.

As you can see Miami Gardens does the worst (Barbara Jordan's District) where many only speak English and Hialeah is second (where many speak only Spanish.)

The Miami Beach Boat Show

Letter to the Editor:

I must complain about Miami Beach Parking for the Boat Show. I parked over half a mile away and paid $40. $40!!!!! If I had wanted to park even further away, at the Herzog & DeMeuron designed garage, the charge was $80. $80!!!!  That is sick. Even New York City Slickers don't rip you off that bad. The Boat Show was very crowded with tire kickers.

Genius of  Despair

Editor's note: I agree with you, that is sick, $80 to park for one day?

Lincoln Road on a Downward Spiral?
The Boat Show didn't translate into any extra business on Lincoln Road which was strangely quiet with table empty on such a busy weekend. Yikes! I bet it was the $80 parking. The Foodie chain store William Sonoma reported they are leaving their South Beach location because of skyrocketing rent. Greedy landlord.


Believe it or not, the rambling man, Commissioner Javier Souto, has been sending this out to his constituents. Where he came up with this description of himself is as sad as it is funny. Does he really see himself this way? He must really be getting senile:


Anonymous said...

Since when do you need to speak Spanish to sell peanuts and hot dogs at Marlins Stadium? Give me a break, this is just political posturing. Have Commissioner Barbara Jordan talk to us about that meeting she had in 2012 with Mayor Carlos Gimenez where she insisted in Gimenez selecting an African American as police director at MDPD in exchange for her support with votes from the African American community for his reelection. Talk about racism! I still remember the days when those who spoke broken English in this county were doomed to work in Hialeah factories and denied government jobs on a daily basis. Their response? Set up their own small businesses employ their own kind, ensuring the next generation received a college education, becoming a political force and creating a financial boost for the county. Maybe if the citizens of Barbara Jordan's district would attempt a similar approach they would not have to be begging the Marlins for a menial seasonal job.

Anonymous said...

A letter to the editor from the editor?

Geniusofdespair said...

I used Barbara Jordan as an example because I never heard a word about language barriers from other commissioners. If you want to work in retail Spanish is necessary. Working in a hospital, county jobs etc. you really do need Spanish. Why kid ourselves. The condo canyons are full of South Americans. We need to be proactive not proud and stubborn. Teach the youngsters a second language early. What is so hard about that?

Anonymous said...

Only when you travel to places like Europe, the Middle East or Asia do you realize the importance of second, third and even fourth languages. Learning a new language gives you a richness in culture and a way to immerse yourself in the daily lives of citizens from abroad. Learning additional languages is not a betrayal of your own language or culture but a way of opening up for adventure around the world.

Anonymous said...

Javier Souto's message is perfect. Yes, that is how we his constituents see him

Anonymous said...

Commissioner Souto says one thing, votes the other way. Eyes roll. He's blissfully unaware while dozing on the dais.

Anonymous said...

Miami is a top tourist destination but many leave with the feeling that they were ripped off - taxis, parking, hotel room fees.

Grillo said...

Commissioner Souto has the best constituent service in the County Commission. He and his staff are incredibly dedicated and responsive to the residents of District 10. That is why he keeps getting re-elected.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he offered the "best service" to this constituent:

Miami-Dade County reinstates aide fired by Commissioner Javier Souto over police report

Anonymous said...

Commissioner Souto - People First? Behind cows.

What is Miami-Dade's #1 priority to ask for finanacial assistance from the State of Florida?

Sponsors: Sen. Javier D. Souto, Prime Sponsor

Anonymous said...

Miami Beach is know to be a grift location for big events. What's the Valentine's specials on Lincoln Road? Ten dollar meal for seventy bucks.

Anonymous said...

Darling Raquel favors improving Spanish education in the schools, but what has she done during her tenure on the school board?

Skip Van Cel said...

I wish someone would post a pic of the $80 parking lots. This I have to see to believe. Not that I don't believe it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I was born here, raised here and did not learn Spanish here. Of course, I am in my sixties. But, I did learn Spanish on my summer visits to Central America. My Spanish isn't pretty ...I hate grammar. However, I did not expect the stores, restaurants etc. to use English, even-though many people could. I was in their country and their county spoke Spanish. I learned the language out of respect and I survived doing it.

However, if you speak to me in Spanish and I have one iota of a clue you are a lazy county resident who doesn't want to use English, I will answer you in English. I understand you perfect fine and can read Spanish, but I expect the permanent Spanish residents who know the language of this county and country to use it.

This cultural refusal to meld into the English speaking community is the exact reason we have God-awful voting ballots in 3 languages. It is also the reason we have so many buttheads in office, if you can't speak the language of the country you vote in, then you shouldn't be voting on issues that may be incomprehensible to you in your native tongue.

Anonymous said...

The multi-level parking lot at Art Wynwood was charging $22 on Opening Night. Early birds can find on-street parking for $3 to $4. Where will Art Wynwood and Art Miami go when Marc Sarnoff's massive Walmart starts construction in six months?

Geniusofdespair said...

Don't call me darling, that is why you were deleted. I didn't say South Americans don't speak English. I said they choose not to. I said we should learn Spanish to cater to what are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

I fully agree that our children need to learn Spanish to live in Miami. I have a hard time with Spanish, but when I have to communicate with someone that has no English, we usually somehow muddle through with humor. Its the Spanish speakers that treat me like scum because I don't know Spanish that I get upset with. When my daughter was 7 she had to tell a woman that she didn't understand her instruction because she didn't know Spanish, and the woman yelled at her!!! People come here and have no intention of learning English and are unwilling to even adapt, much less assimilate. Those are the people that encourage the "English Only" people to complain. But, that one would have to learn a whole other language for a minimum wage job? If the Spanish speakers don't have to, why should the English speakers?

Anonymous said...

Maybe people wouldn't hold low-wage jobs for long if they knew Spanish and Spanish people knew English.

Anonymous said...

There was once a time in US history when immigrants wanted to speak English. They wanted to be American. They wanted American dollars. (Although, we have no official language.) I've traveled to many of our multi-cultural metropolitan cities and never had a problem communicating in many of the various areas.

My Spanish es no so bueno but I can understand enough. When I was standing at Las Palmas on a cold winter day waiting for churros and I was passed up by other customers because I didn't speak Spanish and then they were talking smack about el gringo and laughing, I had enough.

Lincoln Road appears to be dying a slow, or maybe not so slow, death. Restaurants are mediocre. Service is horrible. Prices are atrocious. The first blow was the Lincoln Theater conversion. Too bad really.

Anonymous said...

No one has mentioned, "Will the last American bring the American Flag northward when they leave" In America
we speak English, Those who come here
seeking freedom need to learn the language. Comm Soto says the Cubans made Miami what it is---not so---Miami was what it was----a decent respectful caring city with English the main language. Granmas & Granpas refuse to learn it. Too bad old dogs don't try and learn new tricks.
America---the land of freedom, our forefathers came and learned the language----old and young

"Ole timer"

Geniusofdespair said...

Well last Commenter, good luck getting a job with that attitude.

The blog was about getting a job.

Anonymous said...

I understand getting jobs. What I don't understand is why speaking Spanish or any other non-English language is a job skill that over-rides one's other talents. If I was manager of a Sedanos where my only clientele is hispanic a second language is good, but it I am manager of a movie theater English works just fine.

I resent seeing job ads that say "no English necessary" --- That to me says don't bother to apply if you are an Anglo. English is necessary and be more necessary than any other language in the US.

Anonymous said...

"A decent caring respectful city" - you have to be joking.

Miami was Dixie. It was a racist, segregationist southern backwater.

I'm Anglo, don't speak Spanish, and was born here before the mass migration from Cuba. But I'm certainly not deluded into thinking this place was Mayberry.