Saturday, January 24, 2015

US Senator Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush: boosting each other through the carnival of the GOP primary … by gimleteye

There is not a one-in-a-million chance that Marco Rubio will win the GOP presidential primary should he decide to run, and less of a chance he will be elected president in the upcoming election cycle.

So what is the purpose of his likely presidential run? It's to give Jeb Bush a boost by providing a reasonable-sounding buffer in the case that either a strong challenger to Bush emerges, or, if the 2016 GOP primary seasons turns into a re-run of the 2012 GOP primary carnival show.

The benefit to Rubio for acting as a pace car or roller derby whip for Jeb?

Rubio gains access to national GOP funders, he wins their respect, earns credit with the American public through mainstream media attention, and just as he did in the Florida legislature, a guaranteed leadership level position in the Bush hierarchy if Jeb prevails in the general election.

Like all the Bushes before him, Jeb values first and foremost loyalty. Rubio's service to the agenda during Bush's two terms as governor is the defining feature of their relationship. Jeb never abandons his top lieutenants. It is not the Bush way. Disciplined, obedient to the leader: that is where Marco fits in, Obie-Wan sword and all.

For Marco to run as if he were competitive against Jeb will be stagecraft, 100 percent.

The Rubio stagecraft will be particularly useful for Jeb, in primary debates, to appear the "reasonable" competitor who deserves the trust of independents and even Democrats in the general election. In the past two presidential cycles, the GOP primary season has been devastating to eventual Republican nominees -- McCain and then Romney. Both were mortally wounded by the primary freak show. You can take it to the bank that behind all the posturing, now, is a very serious debate how to prevent a Huckabee, Cain, wing-nut cluster from contaminating Jeb.

Should another bakers dozen emerge in televised debates to show the American public why a Republican president is not in the cards, Marco Rubio will be there to deflect the wackos, for Jeb.

Call it tag team wrestling, divide and conquer: by whatever metaphor you choose, if Marco Rubio announces a run for president, his purpose is to help Jeb, to earn his credits with the Bush fundraising apparatus, and to build his own momentum for 2020 and beyond. So sit back and enjoy the show.


Anonymous said...

Would love to see comment or a story about who makes money off all these grandiose campaigns. Of course there is a primary reason all the oddball Republicans run - for them and their staff and promoters to milk donors and bundlers for all they're worth even tho there's not a chance in hell that their campaign will be successful. Let's call it what it is - a huge money maker (6 figures? 7 figures?) for those involved in campaigns nowadays.

Anonymous said...

What about a Jeb! Marco¡ ticket? That would be hilarious.

cheap crap from china said...

And let's not forget that the Republicans want to appear as if they are inclusive, hence the token Hispanic and African American (Ben Carson), neither of whom has a snowball's chance in hell of winning the nomination, much less a general election. I don't include Ted Cruz as a Hispanic as he is a Canadian Texan. Hispanic is a cultural designation, not a race, and Cruz clearly was not raised in a Hispanic culture. Can't wait to see what else emerges from the Republican primary clown car, it never fails to entertain.