Sunday, December 28, 2014

By the Time I Get to Phoenix....By Geniusofdespair

...I will have noticed my new IPhone 6+ is missing. I left it in my Tucson Hotel Room. It had been a shitty vacation, I threw my back out, I was cranky and now this.

Anyway, They found it and are charging $119 to ship  the phone back. That's right for less than a 1/2 of a pound, $119. It is taking 2 days because UPS doesn't work on Sunday. I feel like my cell phone is being held for ransom. All that top secret Miami news is stuck in Arizona on that phone with a very stupid password on it. The naked photos alone of David Beckham... You are all lucky the phone wasn't lost on 4th Avenue in Tucson the Hippie capitol of the world. Looking at the people, it was like being in the Village in the late 60's. You could get all the cheap, junk Mexican crap and incense you could stuff in your suitcase and then some. I now know why the Marriott Resort staff thought I was crazy for wanting to go there.
"Travel back to the hippie days of tie-dye shirts, peace signs and rock n roll. This time capsule is right on 4th avenue, called the Hippie Gypsy. You honestly can’t miss this store. Heading south on 4th Avenue, you’ll see the murals with bright colors and pictures of Bob Marley and The Beatles."

(It wasn't just this store, it was dozens of shops and bars, the Hippie Gypsy was just the focal point)

I bought this very cool T Shirt from Moon Smoke Shop on Tucson's 4th Avenue, at another shop. It smells like tobacco and incense (it is in the wash).


WOOF said...

$119 ???
I await Marriot's explanation of their ransom.

Geniusofdespair said...

It wasn't Marriott. It was a UPS store they had on their premises.

Anonymous said...

UPS usually charges by volume of the package. Did they pack your phone in a casket?

That charge is ridiculous. Too bad the stores are independently owned and operated or you could complain to corporate.

Sorry this happened to you.

Anonymous said...

You should have called the concierge directly or the front desk manager or somebody at the hotel. I have found those UPS stores to be ripoffs and very high priced for basic service. The USPS offers self-service options that are much cheaper and you don't need to stand in the line.

I'm sure you will communicate with Marriott corporate on this matter. Keep us posted.