Saturday, November 01, 2014

The Cutler Bay Meeting Last Week. Guest Blog By Concerned in Cutler Bay

In short charges were brought against Mayor Edward MacDougall by Wolmers and Bell of violating the town charter for a letter he wrote, but did not distribute, denouncing their ties to Castillo and in the letter he admitted to supporting their opponents.

I believe the charges were completely politically driven under the guise of upholding the town charter which of course is done selectively. All this five days before the end of 8 years of service by the mayor. The mayor promised to fight the censure by the council (passed on a vote of 4-0). He will appeal this legally as well as bring forth legal proceedings against Wolmers/Castillo for Castillo's alleged, offering Wolmers $3,000  to support the change of zoning on SW 184 St and Old Cutler. Castillo is a registered lobbyist for that project. The Mayor also stated he would be pursuing another legal matter against Council Member Loyzelle regarding a serious voting impropriety on the removal of prior town manager Alexander. The room was full of McDougall supporters and very few there were supporters of Bell and Wolmers. It was a very sad moment for Cutler Bay. Whatever Castillo touches seems to turn bad.

The censure vote itself was a three ring circus with acting Chair Sochin trying to second his own motions and Bell trying to guide Sochin and being advised by staff that she could not take over. The whole thing was as nasty as Palmetto Bay during the Palmer Trinity days and that is saying something. At times Loyzelle seemed as mean and pugnacious as Gov. Christie of NJ towards the Mayor. Bell was much more controlled but if looks could have killed...and Wolmers, a sad case of a man who would do anything to be elected, joined in. I'm sure there was a lot of encouragement by Bell and maybe others to pursue this action against the Mayor.

From the Miami Herald an earlier article leading up to this:

The latter complaint, brought by Town Council candidate Ed Wolmers and sponsored by council member and mayoral candidate Peggy Bell, alleged that a letter sent by the mayor to the town’s residents on Sept. 25 violated a town charter rule against officials “intentionally misusing his position to threaten, harass or otherwise attempt to intimidate any other person including but not limited to any citizen, employee or colleague.”

The complaint alleged that the letter appeared to be official, and that it criticized Bell and others.

“The question at hand is, is this an official communication from the town to the residents or is this just a personal opinion from the mayor,” Wolmers said in his complaint at the meeting. “The issues that I raise are a misuse of power and a misuse of office. While the mayor is entitled to his opinions … the message clearly is intended to send a message of distortion and rhetoric.”

Wolmers is running against incumbent Seat 1 council member Mary Ann Mixon. In his letter, MacDougall speaks of lobbyist Jose L. Castillo, the campaign manager for Bell and Wolmers. In his complaint, Wolmers writes that MacDougall used “rhetoric created with the sole purpose of accusing Peggy Bell and Ed Wolmers of association with a ‘corrupt’ lobbyist.”

“I think because I’m named in the violation, I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to comment on it,” Bell said. “I just think they brought it forward because I didn’t think it was likely anyone else would be able to do it.”

MacDougall said he “demanded a public hearing” regarding his letter endorsing Nanni. The public hearing will be at 7 p.m. Oct. 30 at Town Hall.

Art Nanni running against Peggy Bell. Art's wife is a volunteer on many fronts.

Genius: Environmentalists praise Ed MacDougall on his environmental record. But acknowledge his short temper.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Nanni is paid $78,000 per year to "volunteer" by the Homestead Police.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Nanni does not "volunteer" for the homestead police. She works as a grant writer, helping to find funding for worthwhile community projects.

She served on the town's initial Charter Commission. She also served on the towns Education Committee for several years.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is a very selective interpretation of what went on last Thursday! I wonder which of the cranks who turned up to shout and fluster at the Nanni/MacDougall rally (I mean, hearing requested by MacDougall himself) wrote this.

The council sat quietly while Wolmers stated his case. They sat quietly while MacDougall stated his case, only asking him to stay on point several times.

When it was their turn to speak, Mac couldn't go two minutes without interrupting someone, standing up and shouting, waving his arms, showboating for the crowd, threatening almost everyone at the dais, and finally stomping off when he knew his bullying wasn't getting him what he wanted (for once).

I liked Mac. I voted for him more than once. I consider him a good mayor, with genuine concern for our town. But his behavior these past few months has really made me rethink the kind of man he is.

Anonymous said...

In Peggy Bell's latest campaign report, Peggy raised $9,460.00. This was in a 12 day period with only $560.00 of it coming from Cutler Bay residents. Lot's of $1000.00 contributions from outside of Miami-Dade.

Ed MacDougall said...

I do not need the be anonymous, I always use my name.

The hearing was an obscene exercise in ignorance in civil liberty and abuse of power by Peggy Bell and company.
It is not about politics for me. I shall never serve or seek to serve in public office again. This is about honesty.

Truth: Peggy Bell, Sue Loyzell and Ed Wolmers use a lobbyist I successfully brought charges against, Jose Castillo. He pled GUILTY (Nolo Contendre). He is a lobbyist in the municipality where he is also the campaign manager for council members. Anyone who doesn't think this is a conflict is deluded.
I'm not going away, no matter how much the above people won't like it.
By the way, look for criminal charges, they are coming.

Anonymous said...

I don't put any politician on a pedestal, the game of politics soils even the best intentioned and squeakiest clean. But there is the dirt one as a voter can overlook and the filth that even bleach won't disinfect.
I don't share Mayor McDougall's politics and likely never will. But one thing I can say with confidence about the man, he loves the land and he truly believes in Green and conservation. On this he is a man of integrity. But unfortunately he is not running.
What can be said of Peggy Bell, although in attitude historically known to be more progressive, when it came time to support a District 8 candidate, she supported the tea party abomination which was/is Lynda Bell. I surmise two reasons for this: #1 rarely does a sitting Miami-Dade Council member get unseated unless they practically kill someone,and P Bell wanted to stay in good graces with L Bell. How well did that turn out? Thanks to Daniella and fed up constituents, not! Reason #2 Lynda Bell and Peggy Bell shared the same campaign guessed it, lobbyist for anti green developers Jose L Castillo.
And now after having supported Lynda Bell for reelection Peggy is heard at the early polling places saying to voters that she is no relation to Lynda nor her losing campaign. Hilarious, true they might not be related but I wonder if Lynda had been reelected if Peggy wouldn't be claiming her as a first cousin, oh and cousin JL Castillo too! On the other hand Art Nanni the other candidate for Cutler Bay mayor openly supported Daniella Levine-Cava. This shows integrity and good judgment at least on that front. Good luck tomorrow to all candidates, ultimately the voters will decide, well unless there are some Castillo absentee ballots to throw into the mix. May the best candidates win, and just as important may Castillo not be shadow elected Mayor and Council of Cutler Bay...if so, heaven help us.

Anonymous said...

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