Saturday, November 01, 2014

Jeb Bush: No Memory at All. Dementia? Maybe. By Geniusofdespair

Letter to the Editor in Miami Herald Today:

"I would like to respond to Jeb Bush’s op-ed, Charlie Crist stood in the way of Everglades restoration from Oct. 24.

His suggestion that Rick Scott would be better for Everglades Ecosystem Health is laughable. Rick Scott’s record has been so anti-environment it almost seems as though he has a personal hatred for nature.

He has spent most of his term demolishing the protections that Bob Graham, Bob Martinez, Lawton Chiles, Jeb Bush himself, and yes, even Charlie Crist had put into place in favor of deregulating polluters.

Rick Scott gutted the Water Management Districts, fought implementation of clean water standards and tried to sell off fragile lands being protected by the state. Charlie Crist, on the other hand, made attempts to expand protected lands in the Everglades by purchasing and restoring 187,000 acres from US Sugar. He was thwarted by the Republican-controlled Florida Legislature, which refused to financially support the project, reducing the land purchase to a fraction of its original size. Jeb Bush is clearly letting his party affiliation cloud his judgment because nobody that pays attention to the environment in Florida could ever seriously believe that Charlie Crist could possibly do a worse job protecting the environment than Rick Scott."

J. Matthew Hoch, Assistant Professor, Environmental Science Program, Nova Southeastern University, Davie

Genius:Vote for Charlie Crist Please!!!


Anonymous said...

Crist was funded by Big Sugar and he allowed Big Sugar to set his agenda. Rick Scott is worse. The Everglades National Park is being attacked from every direction. Miami-Dade County Commissioners do next to nothing to protect the east border of the park.

Anonymous said...

Rick Scott unfounded the water mgmt. district and they fired all the prestigious scientists doing Everglades work.

Anonymous said...

If you care about Florida's environment, you can't sit this election out and you have to vote fur Charlie Vrust. It's that simple.

Anonymous said...

Just vote for Charlie Crist. No regrets.

Anonymous said...

He is delusional. Scott took $700 million from property taxes going to the water management districts. He eliminated the state's 25 year old growth management laws. His record ALONE on the state's environmental challenges, conservation needs, sustainability and environmental restoration are enough to kick him out of office.

Well, let's get down to the voting. Yesterday 11,326 people voted in early voting. In terms of total early voting, North Dade Regional Library remains number 1 with 6,584 votes so far. West Dade Regional Library holds on to number 2 with 6,145 votes so far, and North Miami Public Library is number 3 with 6,032 votes.

In total to date we have 89,695 early votes and 167,299 absentee ballot votes, representing a total of 256,994 votes. Of the 1.3 million voters in the county 19.7% or almost 20% have voted so far. We still have today and tomorrow.

Unless something big happens, I am guessing between 22-25% in absentee and early voting combined. Does anyone know what the election day projection is? If we can double it, we could have a 50% voter turnout.

Any one who lives in those mega precincts should go to early voting today or tomorrow. If not, on election day get there before the polls open. They are:

#304 Country Village Park. 6,734 voters
#847 Cutler Bay Academy 6,249 voters
#461 John A. Ferguson Sr. 6,097 voters
#100 Location Unknown. 5,522 voters
#793 Kendall Lakes Branch. 5,012 voters

GO and VOTE!

Frito Bandito said...

You all keep votin for donkeys and pachyderms see what good its done ya. You want no regrets Vote Adrian Wyllie or whatever his name is. He won't screw anything up cause he won't win.
More importantly get out there and VOTE YES ON 2 (Medical Marijuana, we'll definitely need some after this election).

Anonymous said...

Rick Scott = "Hatred for nature."