Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What To Do About The Art Nanni and Peggy Bell Mayoral Race in Cutler Bay. By Geniusofdespair

I previously took Peggy Bell to task for hiring Lynda Bell's campaign manager Jose Luis Castillo. Apparently her opponent is making good use of my post...not so fast, Art has a campaign manager too, one linked to FPL I am told.

I have received annoying home phone calls about this race and from a Palmetto Bay candidate.  Don't call me on holiday weekends. It makes me very angry.

 Here is what Peggy Bell should do to salvage her campaign:

Send me an email and say she will recuse herself from any votes that this toxic campaign manager has anything to do with. Geniusofdespair@yahoo.com  A Lobbyist/Campaign Manager is a BAD mix.

Sue Ellen Loyzelle should do the same, promise to recuse herself from anything Castillo has before the council. 

I know Peggy Bell was warned not to use Castillo and she didn't listen. She also didn't have the balls to support Daniella publicly because she didn't have the FAITH that she would win or she liked Lynda Bell better. I find her hiring of Castillo disrespectful of Daniella considering all the dirty tricks Castillo played against her like trying to link her to the Marlins vote. And I know for a fact Peggy likes Lynda Bell: Because she told me.

Actually -- I don't give a crap about this race. I personally would not vote for anyone who was using Jose Luis Castillo. But the promise to recuse themselves would at least help the scabs heal.  I wrote about Councilwoman Loyzelle campaign as well in 2011. Same complaint:
Loyzelle said further, "I am very proud of the all the money coming to my campaign." I personally would have returned Vile Natacha's $100.

Second bone I had to pick with her was the hiring of Natacha's guy Jose Luis Castillo who also worked on Lynda Bell's campaign. Loyzelle said she met with many campaign managers and he was the best choice. Castillo's wife works for Lynda Bell by the way. Loyzelle also said she didn't know anything about Castillo or his long history with Natacha. That made me think again, she should have done as she told me to do -- do her homework. Yes, I may be ignorant of the whole person Suzy Loyzelle whom I never met, but she is ignorant of people she actually knows.
 If you want to clean up the system you have to start in your own backyard Peggy. Out of respect for Daniella Levine you could have found someone else. I wouldn't vote for Nanni either. If I got that promise from Peggy I might hold my nose and vote for her. Otherwise I just couldn't vote in this race. And you know my mantra: ALWAYS VOTE. This race disgusts me too much.


Castillo already got an ethics fine about Cutler Bay. One comment on the linked blog:

Anonymous said...
Cutler bay council members Sue Loyzelle and Ernie Sochin voted for everything Castillo wanted passed. Castillo was paid by Loyzelle to run her campaign, and Sochin is thought to have gotten Castillo's help behind the scenes. Nice to see Castillo get his hands slapped. Shame that Loyzelle and Sochin are so easily influenced.
ON the phone call the Peggy Bell cheerleader said the Campaign Manager is not the candidate -- a very tired argument. I would rather say the candidate is judged by their association. If you hire scum what does that make you? I do not think Eugene Flinn lost the race to Lynda Bell in a legal election in 2010. I think it was stolen from him in illegal absentee ballots. The State Atorney's office just found 2 men guilty of absentee ballot fraud that were working for Castillo on the Mark Bell campaign for Mayor. What does that say?

I talked to a friend who wanted a development in district 8. He met with Lynda Bell and Castillo. What does that say?

We need the candidates to clean up corruption. Didn't anyone learn anything at Katy Sorenson's good government class? And Art Nanni is no angel either. But Cutler Bay: You stink. Don't have your friends call me on a holiday. You might not get the response you want.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Since Loyzelle and Sochin are already in Castillo's camp, he only needs one more vote on the council to have a majority.

It's not just the rezoning change on 184th ST and Old Cutler, but what will happen when Publix brings back their application to build on Old Cutler. We will end up losing all the environmental enhancements the former applicant agreed to and we'll be left with an acres of asphalt parking lot and an big box store. Any developer wanting to build in Cutler Bay will hire Castillo knowing he can get things passed. There goes the rest of Old Cutler, there goes the neighborhood!

A promise to recuse from voting is not binding so don't even ask for it. People need to vote for the candidates not using a manager/lobbyist: Art Nanni and Mary Ann Mixon (yeah, Mixon).

Anonymous said...

Art dropped his campaign manager back in June.

Castillo has Loyzelle and Sochin's vote. That was clear during the publix vote. The only people not connected to Castillo in Cutler Bay are newly elected (unopposed) Roger Coriat and candidates Art Nanni and Mary Ann Mixon.

Add Bell or Wolmers to the council with Loyzell and Sochin and Castillo has three votes. Add both and he has four. If they all recuse themselves, can their even be a vote?

Anonymous said...

"Art dropped his campaign manager back in June."

Well, Peggy Bell dropped the swale ordinance back in 2007. Why can't the Nanni people let THAT go?

If Art associated with a lobbyist once, who's to say he won't do it again?

Anonymous said...

I know Peggy Bell didn't learn this at Katy's school, but Peggy Bells's campaign literature was rampant with taking credit for either decisions made in conjunction with the rest of the Cutler Bay Town Council or taking credit for efforts done by Katy Sorenson herself. This was spoken about in the comments section of the previous post about Peggy Bell ad nauseum. She already got caught manipulating an Art Nanni quote, honest and integrity before politics and then using a similar quote on her own facebook page.

It ultimately makes we wonder if Peggy Bell really has any ideas of her own or as many have mentioned she will take orders from Castillo. At this point, I don't believe anything she says and her words to me are about as good as the toilet paper I just flushed.

Ross said...

Ed MacDougall was a good mayor to Cutler Bay, but the council (including Bell) manipulated the qualification date so he didn't have the opportunity to continue his service after the congressional primary.

youbetcha' said...

Hi Ross!

Did I tell you I hate politics, today?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the updated post on this horrible set of options in Cutler Bay. Indeed horrible is an understatement. I too am a responsible voter but can't bring myself to vote for ANYONE past or present associated with Castillo and the likes of him. Enough of out of town lobbyist and developers running the Cutler Bay town council puppet show. Either in this election or after, those strings are going to be cut. We the citizens are going to hold everyone of you accountable, Loyzelle (lobbyist for the new Publix on Old Cutler on behalf of Castillo), Sochin (even the slightest ties to Castillo come home to hurt), P. Bell (what a sad disappointment, you lost my vote...sorry), and Wolmers (keep trying with Castillo, maybe one of these days he'll get some Homestead absentee ballots and write in Wolmers). Bottom line is this...no matter who wins this debacle of an election, we are going to be holding you all accountable for every bad vote you take on irresponsible zoning changes and all else lobbyist related....starting with the proposed zoning change on the corner of Old Cutler and sw 184 st to go from the current Residential designation, as if that were not bad enough, to Mixed Use...which basically can be another strip mall at the main entrance to our town from the north. Seriously?! Be assured we are going to be watching and fighting your every foul move on all these votes...painfully for us and for you, one by one.

Anonymous said...

Peggy Bell, I was going to vote for you but at this time I have decided to vote for Nanni with which I share nothing in common politically speaking. What you have created with your alliance to Castillo the known lobbyist and his clan is a bad situation for yourself and the voters of our town. I think you have really stepped deep into a pile of it, and it stinks much worse than Mt.Trashmore on a hot humid day. Problem is you can't help but get that trash smell on you if you associate with vermin. There is still time. Publicly disassociate yourself from Castillo and any other lobbyist of his sort and you might be able to gain back my vote and those of many others. We are pleading with you...cut the ties!

Anonymous said...

Most of the good and honest campaign managers are working state races. That leaves a motley crew for the municipal races, unless one has the time, discipline, and smarts to manage one's own race. Also, many campaign managers work as lobbyists in the off season. Probably most of them. Ethically compromised campaign managers have run responsible campaigns when kept on a very short leash by the candidate, which takes time, discipline, and smarts... So take your pick. I like GOD's recommended antidote, except that it may violate Florida Statutes requiring that an official vote except where there's as conflict of interest - that conflict requires an ongoing financial or familial relationship. Peggy B. should get an opinion from COE before taking the pledge.

Freedom Rings said...

I agree completely. The First Amendment's right to petition our government should not apply in Cutler Bay.

Anonymous said...

They can petition, she just can't vote. They did it all the time when Jeff Perlow was Mayor. He couldn't vote on anything. He was out of the room more than in it.

Freedom Rings said...

Huh about Jeff Perlow? He and/or his law firm had direct financial conflicts of interests. He and/or his law firm would have benefited directly from his actions.

Per Florida law, he was obligated to recuse himself. This includes removing oneself from the entire process involving an entity causes the conflict.

The one practical, but still questionably legal, work around is what Miami Beach does. You have to disclose the relationships you have with campaign vendors, workers, and even volunteers.

Disclosure is almost always the best answer in political debates. Let the sunshine in.

Anonymous said...

Art Nanni isn't even using a campaign manager. Come on, Geniusofdespair. Someone told you that Art Nanni has a campaign manager tied to FP&L.

Either post his name or remove the reference from the headline. It's just a smoke screen by Bell to distract from her own lobbyist-gate.

Anonymous said...

Nanni doesn't have a campaign manager. I agree that you have to remove the reference or prove it.

Geniusofdespair said...

Give me a fucking break. Nanni HAD a campaign manager but doesn't anymore or he never had one. Nanni Campaign should be counting their lucky stars that I even wrote this post.

Vote for Peggy Bell. Nanni's people are just too annoying.

Anonymous said...

And Castillo doesn't benefit financially from their votes? The stench of corruption is there and it stinks when he lobbies these 2 women.

Anonymous said...

Nanni had a campaign manager in June. Who are they kidding. Does he deny that.

Anonymous said...

Want to let everyone know that it was Peggy Bell herself that called the police earlier this evening on that community protest over lobbying and corruption that occurred in Cutler Bay earlier this evening complaining that the protesters were blocking traffic and creating a hazard despite no other complaints to the police from area residents.

Anonymous said...

Art Nanni is not using a campaign manager? LOL.,that's the funniest thing I have ever heard, he started his campaign with all of Ed MacDougall's resources and $$$$ Nanni still uses the money from a famous "GOP Pac" run out of Hollywood… No one knows this? Even Nanni's "volunteers" are being paid by the hour.
If Nanni wins he will be at MacDougall's secretary.