Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What is this Lynda Bell Sponsored Item? By Geniusofdespair

Alice Pena was at the meeting. Bad, Bad Sign. She is doing favors for all her most wacky supporters the 8 1/2 mile people?


Anonymous said...

Between Lynda Bell and Peter Schnebly, they're always trying to find more commercial uses outside the UDB so it will really look like it's inside the UDB by the time the applications come in to move the line because to date, this commission keeps saying everything goes in the Ag areas instead of truly ancillary to Ag as it is supposed to be! The new Pena ordinance I guess will allow more commercial operations in to the 8 1/2 sq mile area. All that ground water coming out of there goes somewhere. They already approved full time farming when it was supposed to be seasonal. Glad I don't drink the water around those properties!

Anonymous said...

A law benefiting a few if not just one person. Typical of Bell.