Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A reader was worried about 157th Avenue LLC but it Appears Ludlam Trail is worse. By Geniusofdespair

After my post yesterday, one reader was worried about 157 Avenue LLC. I gathered what information I could.

157th Avenue LLC a Delaware Corporation
Date Formed 4/28/2014


 Ron Schwartz also in involved with Foundation for Adult Living 401K Plan.

Lobbyist hired the end of July: Hugo Arza, Michael Freire, Joseph G Goldstein, Brian D. Kenyon, Alan Krischer, Ines Marrero-Priegues, Juan Mayol, Richard A. Perez, Tracy Slavens, Alberto Torres

 The address in Tampa houses Rasmussen College and Greystone Health Networks. I called planning they are not going for a Comp Plan Change.  Anyone know what is going on with this 157th Avenue LLC? I could find nothing in Property Appraiser search. This was all I could find for this company:
From the above description I got this location

Ludlam trail: (We wrote about this previously Sept. 30th). The Flagler Corp. wants to build over 2,000 residential units (wouldn't accept those numbers they want more). The people want a linear park but can't afford to pay Flagler for the land. It is 6.2 miles going from South Miami to the Miami International Airport. Flagler wants homes but it is zoned for transportation.  There is a article in the Miami Herald today that the Planning Board moved the application forward:

Members of the Miami-Dade County Planning Advisory Board voted Monday to push forward a controversial land-use amendment application involving a stretch of abandoned railroad land known as the Ludlam Trail.
"The board recommended that the County Commission approve the application, which would carry out a longstanding vision for the 6.2-mile corridor to become a bike and pedestrian trail running from Dadeland Mall to the Miami International Airport.

But to sustain the trail, Flagler, the company that owns the land, wants to build homes and commercial buildings along the corridor, which runs through neighborhoods, industrial malls and parks.

For residents, that’s where the controversy comes in.

Many are worried that the application doesn’t assign enough priority to the trail. Most want the company to withdraw the application and start from scratch with more resident involvement.
“I think that this community and this company, if we work together, could do better than that,” said Victor Dover, a local urban designer and board member of the Friends of the Ludlam Trail, a nonprofit group formed to support creation of the bike and pedestrian path."

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Anonymous said...

It's always amazing how this crap works. There is an LLC with 82 acres in Homestead called Treo Kingman. They are also represented by Hugo Arza. In addition TREO Founder Alfredo Xiques an attorney has been publicly reprimanded for submitting falsely notarized documents. The land is arsenic and pesticide contaminated due to decades of farming. Trust nobody especially crooked lawyers and politicians it makes for a deadly combination.

Alfredo Domingo Xiques, 2950 SW 27th Ave., Suite 300, Miami, to receive a public reprimand, following a January 29 court order. (Admitted to practice: 2002) Xiques acted as the closing attorney on a real estate transaction for four long-standing clients. He notarized the signature of his cousin, who was present at the closing. At his cousin’s request, Xiques then notarized the signatures of the three remaining people involved in the transaction, even though they were not present. (Case No. SC08-2453)