Thursday, October 02, 2014

Urban Envrionment League's Onion Awards. By Geniusofdespair

2014 Onion Awards were not announced previously. Orchids were.

The Urban Environment League held its annual Orchids and Onions awards event Tuesday evening September 30, 2014 at the Coral Gables Museum.

The featured speaker was newly elected County Commissioner Daniella Levina Cava. In her remarks Cava noted that “Miami is an iconic place, and let's make sure we continue to lift up not only its amazing diversity of culture and design, but also its natural beauty, making it accessible to residents as well as visitors.”

Guests heard a list of those who were awarded Orchids for their role in preserving Miami’s waterfront, its public spaces, more open public processes, and trying to retain historic and archaeological places. Several Onions were also awarded for questionable actions by public officials, a developer and by the University of Miami for its sale of environmentally sensitive land in South Dade.

UEL Vice President Gregory Bush noted the many struggles that the organization has been involved in over the past eighteen years. It was founded trying to stop the American Airlines Arena from being built on the public waterfront land. Involved in the design process for Bicentennial Park (now Museum Park) and Virginia Key, the UEL has also been one of the leading organizations calling for more well planned park systems as we as the preservation of the Urban Development Boundary Line.


Gimleteye said...

Good Job, UEL.

Anonymous said...

The Urban Environment League has been right so often elected officials should snap to attention when UEL members speak.

Anonymous said...

Know I'll get (figuratively) killed for being the grammar police but... "eviscertain"? Pretty sure that's not the right word (or a word at all). Maybe evisceration or eviscerating?

Anonymous said...

The UEL was as polite as it could be.

The unnamed City of Miami Commissioner to receive the onion was really Marc Sarnoff. He has done more than any commissioner to destroy what little history, heritage and pride there exists in Miami - only a shadow of the past remains.

The truth will come out. His days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

Marc Sarnoff has, since 2007, taken more money from the "usual suspects" than anyone besides disgraced Manny Diaz. Recently Sarnoff has taken money from an entirely new species of creeps. Every time Sarnoff votes or opens his mouth he should be required to fill out lobbyist registration disclosures. The dude voted for the Marlins Stadium. Barf.

miaexile said...

yeah but Sarnoff got a roundabout built next to his house! haha..he is the worst kind of turd. the things ill do when i have more free the UEL in whatever way i can

Anonymous said...

Climate change again. LOL!