Sunday, October 26, 2014

HIstoric Preservation: County may allow communities to opt out of the Historic Preservation Ordinance. By Geniusofdespair

Do we want the whole county to look like disgusting Sunny Isles Beach? Please no. The motion passed 7-5 to move the ordinance to Committee. Opting out of this ordinance will be very harmful for historic preservation in our County. Sally Heyman is sponsoring it. What is up Sally?

It appears Surfside's Council is what is up. Historic Preservation in Surfside, is it really un-American as one Councilman states, another Councilman call the Historic Buildings "Dumps":

So because of Surfside we are going to kill the County historic preservation ordinance?

Sunny Isles Beach - Condo Canyon
Surfside - Medium Rise


Anonymous said...

Developers let buildings rot for years then apply for demolition permits. The demolition permits are always granted in the end. You can scan a structure to show inadequate structure and inadequate flood elevations to justify tearing it down. Even Miami Beach has to prove that it's old convention center floors are high enough above flood elevation to justify changing the outside.

Anonymous said...

Sally Heyman has been very disappointing. She is too quick to pander to special interests. Everyone should support stronger historic preservation statues.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting what is done in the name of progress in this county. Imagine the loss if SOBE had gone this route. No historical Art Deco buildings...which is what gives character and ultimately $ from tourists who subconsciously visit here time and again for the uniqueness. If all we do is tear down the old rather then preserve we just become Las that what we want for Miami - Dade County?

Anonymous said...

Look at old historic Homestead. After 5 million spent and another slated 5 million because of a Bond they still don't have an The old Seminole back together. What a waste of the citizens money and most don't vote so they don't even know they have lost the money. Enough of the old preservation story. Bulldoze it!!!

Anonymous said...

These town want to say they want to control historic designation, but they do not have the resources or knowledge to do so compared to what the county has available. They are to close special interest to make those decisions. Elected officials have to start to listen to the public and not developers. 2004, Sunny Isles opted out and look what happen to them.

regarding flooding, the new development have huge below grade parking garages almost build to the property line, where do you think water is going to go?