Sunday, October 26, 2014

Carl Hiaasen writes: "Who's the least worst for Governor"? By Geniusofdespair

Best thing in the Miami Herald today:

Nineteen million souls in the state of Florida, and this is the best we can do? You could toss a mullet net over any park bench between Key West and Pensacola and drag in two people who’d be more inspiring.

Watching Scott’s cringe-worthy performance in the TV debates made it all the more astonishing that he ever got elected governor, even with $75 million of his own dough.

He’s spent the last three and a half years refusing to answer reporters’ questions, and it’s clear why. Rarely will you find a politician who is so uncomfortable — make that miserable — in front of a camera or a microphone. Scott’s gecko death stare and toneless responses give the impression of a reluctant witness under oath, a role he infamously experienced in the Columbia/HCA fraud probe.

The second debate didn’t help. PR-wise, you cannot overstate the stupidity of refusing to come on stage for seven minutes, just because your opponent brought a portable fan. Scott behaved like a petulant boob, and once again provided a wacky Florida punch line for comics coast to coast.
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Please vote for Charlie Crist.


Anonymous said...

Yep, the governors vote will be a civic IQ test for the electorate.
Similar to the by weekly recycle Days in the City of Miami, with blue bins put in the street on off Days by the civic challenged resident's.

If almost half are not able to consult a calendar for recycling, how does any one think the same are going to invest time to educate themselves about any election, period.

Anonymous said...

They're smart enough to recognize political opportunism and toss the chameleon!

Jimmy Crack Corn said...

15 years' worth of R Govs and after Sink Sank Sunk, the best the Ds can do is

Holy Crist,
It's Charlie

Anonymous said...

Two weak choices. The Billion Dollar Crook or the dude who will get elected and then use state money and platform to run for the Senate. Florida deserves better.

Anonymous said...

There is a difference. I hope Voters can get this through their heads and end the disastrous reign of The Scott administration. It's more than about Crist- it's policies, judicial appointments, envirinmental governing boards, veto power over the special interest legislature. Please people, get out and vote for Crist and Sheldon. Florida deserves better than Scott and his minions.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with this article.... These are the best two Floridians??? Terrible choices.... The lesser of two evils is Crist........(sigh)

Anonymous said...

By far, this is the easiest voting decision I have ever made in my
lifetime.. Adrian Wyllie, you have my vote. Also, Bill Wohlsifer

No on 1

Yes on 2

No on 3

Anonymous said...

The headline does not match the article. Hiassen spends the bulk of the article documenting Scott's horrendous four years, especially on the environment. Crist has really been a hero on climate change, growth management and Everglades restoration and if he wins, will set us back on track.