Thursday, September 18, 2014

Homestead Golf Course Meeting Tonight: Is It a DRI Run Amok That Is the Real Problem? By Geniusofdespair

What happened at Tonight's meeting?  Give us a report. What did Lynda Bell's Biggest Supporter Wayne Rosen do?

I think this is not about the golf course, our readers are on target in their comments on our 9/15 guest post:
Outofsight said: The story that has not been written as yet is how a developer's family and his friends can hold thousands of Homestead residents hostage using Florida laws and by the aid of the elected officials.

By not turning over the homeowner associations to independent status, the Latterner family collects money from each homeowner for services, however allows them no final input into the amount collected, the services provided and which companies provide the services. Any sane business would have fired their yard men when they were found to be doing break-ins. The community associations did not have that privilege.

The "Master Association" determines how each homeowner association budget is spent and holds private meetings to deliberate with the sole delegate representing their community. This association has "delegates" that basically get pushed around and then end-up going back to their individual communities to give them the latest bad news. The Master Association is NOT our friend.

Somewhere, there are personal rights being trampled on and there should be an investigation into the stranglehold on the Keys Gate Community.

It would interesting to know what happened to the Shores Clubhouse. The commitment made to homeowners certainly was a breech of contract.

I foresee the general Keys Gate population either losing its common areas (and the rate) or getting new ones that result in their cost-sharing at a higher rate the upkeep of Rosen's community center for his new homes.
The golf course is NOT the issue, people. Thats a diversion. the 19 million dollars in fee waivers and the permit to over build are the issues. No wonder he is able to do what he does. 
After each neighborhood is built the developer should relinquish control to the Condo association of homeowners. This is not happening.  The DRI (Development of Regional Impact) has a flaw that must be fixed. The State and County should fix it and enforce the promises made to the Homeowners about a beautiful golf course. If the Latterner's don't maintain it, they should hand it over to the homeowners. You don't hold on to a community forever developers!!

P.S. A DRI is so big it is deemed to have impact on our 3 counties: Monroe, Miami Dade County and Broward County. Once they approve it the Regional Planning Council should see that it is working.  Someone needs to bring this DRI before the council of the 3 counties. County Commissioners Jean Monestime,  Xavier Suarez and Juan Zapata are on the Council as are 16 others.


Anonymous said...

Usually HOA's have to be turned over within 7 years and during that time, resident non developers have to be allowed to serve on the Board. Why did this not happen and why hasn't the DBPR gotten involved?

Anonymous said...

Let's start with the basic understanding that Wayne Rosen will get what he wants and take what he is not given. It is all about money. However, I suggest that if one is not an original owner in the Fairways who was sold a golf course home by the developer, you are out of luck. You bought a home on a golf course owned by a private entity and maybe you assumed it would always be there but that is not the case. We all have land rights. You have a golf course view and that will end. I used to be able to have a view of the stars in the Redlands but light pollution from over development ended that. The battle is not to "save" the golf course but to prevent that slimy, SOB from building many more homes anywhere in the DRI. If someone would pony up to count rooftops, you would find tha the does not have the right to build many or any more homes out there.

Anonymous said...

How the developer got around turning over the association is by declaring it to be a MASTER association. All individual neighborhoods are under the MASTER umbrella.
The shifting of funds from one area to another is another problem. The ignorance of the homeowner or in many cases the landlord is counted on in these games with little challenge.
The building of 2,000 more homes within the DRI is a real threat to quality of life.
The homeowners will never get organized and get legal representation to fight this because there is no leadership on the issue. Years ago Rosen and Latterner tried to ram an outfit called KG Communications down the residents throat, the residents went to the city and the city said they have no control over utilities. This action has led to U-Verse which took over the KG Communications turf eventually leading to the entire Keys Gate area. Leadership is sorely needed here to thwart the threats of more development and more bad deals. Fairways homes are now valued in the $300s a drop of around 50% from the past. No golf course and the threat of additional townhomes and they will be half of that. If you live in that area now you want to sell before you can't.

Anonymous said...

The meeting is tonight?

Anonymous said...

It is a case of a developer making empty, half truth promises to the people and no one calling them out on it.

Anonymous said...

The Homestead is Home blog which was run by local folks that live in this are need to show their leadership now and take charge.
Just a few years ago they were meddling in other private people property rights. Maybe, if you had been tending to your business on HOA's you would not have the problems you are having now.