Thursday, September 18, 2014

FPL in hot water … by gimleteye

Turkey Point's 168 Mile Cooling Canal System
When I am reincarnated, I want to be an electric utility in the United States. Say, Florida Power and Light.

This might seem quixotic, but hear me out. In the United States, corporations are people and that is the will of the land. Or the US Supreme Court. There is nothing anyone can do about it.

So if I am reincarnated, I would be a powerful person in the form of FPL.

I would fly on my private jets. I would surround myself with other corporations as people, or even people themselves so long as those people kept in cars and their miracle-gro suburbs. I would get whatever I wanted, because that is what FPL gets now.

I would write laws to enrich myself. As FPL does.

I would pay lip service to my ratepayers. As FPL does.

I would pay lobbyists and attorneys a lot of money, because a lot of money is what I earn from provisions in law and energy policies in Florida that I promoted and passed with the help of legislators who campaigns I supported.

For example: "early cost recovery" allowing me to make hundreds of millions on nuclear plants whether they are built or not.

I would stifle innovations in distributed solar power in Florida, my home state, because -- well -- I build wind farms in New Mexico. If I build wind turbines, I'm OK. You OK with that?

Down there in Homestead I have a thorny little problem with a couple of nuclear reactors. I built them in the early 1970s over the objection of those damn environmentalists who objected to cooling water being sucked from and returned to waters of the adjacent national park. Used to be pristine. Not so much any more.

I've been able to do whatever the fuck I want, mostly, on the 11,000 acres protected by barbed wire in the American tropics. I have a nice PR campaign built around my concern for the American crocodile that nests in those cooling canals I built to satisfy the enviros.

Cooling Canals: 104 Degrees
Only problem is that the cooling canals aren't cooling. The water temperature is soaring to 104 degrees which would be enough to put me and you in the hospital.

So I this week I went back to friends in Miami-Dade government who have given me everything I ever wanted. Zoning changes. Got 'em. Special use permits. Ditto.

And imagine what happened! One of them -- one of those county commissioners -- wagged his finger at me! Didn't object but dared to question me when I asked for 14 million gallons of fresh water a day that is promised to the Everglades for restoration. I need that water to get my temperature down.

It is not just the hot water I'm in. The water in my cooling canals is also twice the background salinity of everything that supports life in the national park and is percolating through the aquifer where everybody but me drinks water. Dead crocodiles.

And those wealthy residents on Key Largo are noticing that the bay bottom has turned to desert. All the cormorants in the Arsnecker Keys are gone. The place is a wasteland, but I've figured out how to minimize the number of monitoring wells in the bay so no one can really say what is happening.

I'm FPL. I do what I want.

I want your water. I'll take it if I have to, and there's nothing you can do to stop me.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the Ocean Reef members aren't suing FPL. It's affecting them whether they turn a blind eye or not.

Anonymous said...

The smartest people in the world designed this plant.

Anonymous said...

The saline plume from the nuclear plant is migrating towards the Keys only source of freshwater. If it contaminates that wellfield, what then? There are some serious unsustainable problems with this plant. Time to wake up people!

Miami Today News said...

I can't believe the water temperatures are rising upwards of 100 degrees...

cheap crap from china said...

Time for a Revolution. Corporate America is out of control. It is time for the real people of America (not corp. people) to stand up and revolt.

I'm mad as HELL and I'm not going to take this anymore! ~ Howard Beale

Anonymous said...

Today I learned i have an extra deposit attached to my FPL account as result of a couple of late payments....yes these are tough times and occasionally even a fiscally conservative liberal like myself gets behind on my bills...there's so much to juggle in Miami-Dade an so many expenses. So after many years of prompt payments thank you FPL for lining your vast pockets with a poor mans deposit which to your coffers is but a molecule of that 104 degree water in those crocodile broth canals but to me may as well be an ocean. We all bow to your amassed power and will.

Anonymous said...

Billiant piece on the crap going on at County Hall over Turkey Point!!!
Steve Hagen

Anonymous said...

Welcome to blow-back.
The corporate persons ruling the delegated citizens representatives.
All the decades this model was applied in "other countries" hardly any body flinched, if they even knew of it, or thought to enhance US prowess.
Now that its visibly biting our collective derrieres we cry foul.
The system has been around a long time and approved by the sheeple.

Alexandria Larson said...

Hi Gimleteye I just wanted you to know the amount of water is 100 MILLION GALLONS A DAY. An emergency permit was issued by the board of SFWMD last Thursday. It was retroactive since Guillory had already issued it several weeks before. Also they reported a few of the endangered American Crocodiles are now dead. The Turkey Point plant needs to be Shut Down now. It is 39 years old and the environmentalists need to be screaming at these idiot officials. This was number 18 on the SFWMD Board Consent agenda. I stated that Turkey Point was a crime scene, I also thought you should know Kevin McCarty was chairman of the Board a few years back and said " What don't you understand Mrs. Larson Power Plants get water BEFORE PEOPLE."

Anonymous said...

There is something you can do. Put solar panels on your house. You will save a lot of money over the next two decades, reduce your carbon emissions, save water, and cut FPL profits.