Sunday, August 17, 2014

On Amendment Two, Medical Marijuana in Florida: lines I wish I had written … by gimleteye

Fred Grimm in the Miami Herald today: "… though it may be that after months of enduring malicious campaign ads and nasty robo calls, the shell-shocked electorate will decide that voting for Amendment Two had become an urgent civic duty, because only medical marijuana has brought relief to folks exposed to Florida's malignant and ever metastasizing politics."

Grimm is right. For young and independent voters, for women disenfranchised by Florida's increasingly right-wing Republican Party, going out to vote FOR Amendment Two is the best way to put a stamp on the right and obligation to disagree with an out-of-touch, intransigent legislature and status quo dominated by insider deal making.

What's Sheldon Adelson, the casino billionaire, doing throwing millions of dollars against the medical marijuana amendment anyway? Let him ply his politics in Macao. Vote YES for Amendment Two.


Hemp Staff said...

Right on! VOTE YES on #2 Florida!

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Anonymous said...

Well, no one is going to throw their money away gambling, when they can buy pot with it.

Anonymous said...

It is not only young people, but the hippies of the 60s, also called baby boomers, are retiring. And they want to retire in peace, with lots of relaxation and rekindle their relationships with pot. So a lot of them are going to vote for it too.

Hasbrudal Barca said...

Let me see what is better smoking a joint or blowing my savings in a vegas casino...... please eom readers help me decide.

Anonymous said...

GOD, I believe you are going to be eating your words in the future. There is a massive group of in the knows that are teaming up to win the lottery system. The Rich become the super rich and will control this state even more.

Causes outside of medical marijuana that you think are important will be dictated by 5-6 MMJ license holders because they will have more cash than they know what to do with.

Everyone is looking at just smoking weed, but what will actually happen is a group of select few that are going to be controlling more cash than what they can do with.

You think FPL is your issue, Big Sugar is your issue. Get ready for the MMJ Big Money Issue!

Well at least you will have something else to complain about once they have all the money in their coffers….

The Real Slim speaks the truth.

Geniusofdespair said...

I did not write this blog. I don't write about sugar much and I don't write about global warming or anything else you mentioned... Complain to Gimleteye.

miaexile said...

if voters have just a smidge of reading comprehension, voting YES on 2 is only logical. It is medicinal, folks, MEDICINAL.

Anonymous said...

Well, there is no question, in a major drug/vacation state like FL, Big Pot is going to be a new and a major power player in this state.