Saturday, August 16, 2014

County Commissioner Lynda Bell, her campaign contributors and the Marlins Stadium deal … by gimleteye

For political cynicism, try topping county commissioner Lynda Bell's lie at the center of a struggling campaign. The number of undecideds in this race are a small fraction. Many are self-described "independent" voters. Bell benefits if independents don't vote. That is the same tactic Gov. Rick Scott is deploying. Scorched earth politics.

Daniella Levine Cava spent her entire career helping the hard-working people of Miami-Dade County. She was nowhere near the Marlins Stadium deal makers, the lobbyists and insiders who crowd Lynda Bell's campaign finance reports. That hasn't stopped Bell, though, from making lemonade from her own lemons.

Bell's lemons are campaign contributors who fed at the bitter public trough. If you want to know who lobbied for the Marlins deal, take a few moments to page through Lynda Bell's campaign reports.

For insiders who control the county commission, and dominate the thirteen member majority, any loss is a sign of weakness. They don't want Lynda Bell to lose.

Don't follow the lies. Follow the money.


H said...

I like Daniella, but I want to see the greedy unions, John Rivera, and Natacha Seijas lose. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

No doubt that there will be more lies from Bell and her soon to be arrested campaign manager in these last few days simply because nothing else has worked. Bell is not only going to lose my friends but she is going to lose big

Anonymous said...

I personally don't know this John Rivera that Bell keeps mentioning but it almost sounds as if he can get things accomplished more than most of our elected officials. Can anyone reach out to him and ask him to run for office

Anonymous said...

I agree, the present situation is terrible. The problem is unions are strongest were management is the worst and existing management has clearly failed.

So do we want 8 more years? Rivera has been there forever. The popular mayors is not going anywhere and all incumbents are safe in their districts except one and she is not looking for any answers just anyone other than herself to blame.

At least Daniella says she will listen and negotiate.

And at the end of the day this argument is over $40 million (and dropping) in one contact that will last three years.

The BCC spends half a BILLION every month, every year.

I take the larger view and I want Bell's ethically challenged, friends and family fingers out of that pot.

Geniusofdespair said...

All the sports teams have donated to Lynda Bell as has Genting casinos. Lynda Bell even visited the Genting casino on our dime and brought along her chief of staff also on our dime--- Shanghai I think. I have the requisitions on the blog for the money from the county. I have a picture of her having lunch with her former city Mananger who had love letters to his assistant city manager on his computer. He was fired. They are still friends. Her judge of character is anyone who can help her. And the sports team owners are all in her fold, you can tell by their campaign donations.

Geniusofdespair said...

If you mention john Rivera you are feeding into Lynda Bell's swift boat attack. It ain't going on here. If anyone knows and supports REALLY BAD PEOPLE it is Lynda Bell. Unions don't fall into that category. They are comprised of our friends and neighbors. No swift boating here please. If we are going to judge a candidate by who supports them go read LYNDA BELL's dirty laundry list --her campaign report.

Geniusofdespair said...

The blog on the trip:

I am posting from my phone in Colorado, Rocky Mountain high--- popular T Shirt.

Anonymous said...

Half a billion every month, every year? What an idiot, that adds up to more than the whole county budget. If you're going to say something, know your facts and don't make things up.

Anonymous said...

County budget:

Anonymous said...

The money donated to Bell from sports teams and Genting is enough not vote for her.

Anonymous said...

The county has a $6.1 - $6.2 billion dollar annual budget. Yes, that equates to half a billion per month. So don't call names.

It's shocking to realize that you voted for a woman who has no background in business. In fact, she is an unemployed housewife, who is currently a part of 13 member club who gets to oversee a complex, massive budget that is a larger budget than most US companies.

Let's take a brief overview of our Commission: we have an addled 75 year old on board who falls asleep on the dais when he's not pontificating about his Bay of Pigs heritage. We have a staunch "anti-spender" who has had a personal foreclosure plus the other "anti-tax" guy who was arrested for buying cocaine but sealed his arrest records, and the teacher whose only concern is snake bites... and that's not even probing far...

Yup, half a billion per month.

Manny said...

The government unions are "are comprised of our friends and neighbors."

Speak for yourself. None of my friends are greedy union members. Although I do have a jerk neighbor who is a county employee and who has a new car, boat, and pool, all courtesy of my taxes.

Anonymous said...

Speaking for myself, I have many friends who are union members and not a single "greedy" one among them.

A new car, boat and pool? Jealous much?

Anonymous said...

First Anon's reason for not voting for Daniella:

"I like Daniella, but I want to see the greedy unions, John Rivera, and Natacha Seijas lose. Sorry."

This is the most ridiculous and foolish reason for a voter not voting for a candidate I have ever heard.

Have you lost your mind?

Have you seen the list of special interests donating to Lynda Bell? That means selling her vote, the same vote you gave her???? Are you okay with that? Will you be voting for her because of that? Do you have a love affair with special interest, or maybe it is because you agree with her rampant disloyalty to those who got her elected.

Or maybe it is because you relate to selfish elected officials whose only agenda is themselves and their family.

Anon, you need to rethink your "reason/excuse" for not voting for Daniella.

Did you hear of the outrageous lie Bell mailed to the voters about Daniella a mailer that was criticizes vehemently by the Herald?

Lynda Bell is a sick and power hungry woman and you are feeding her sickness with your gross lack of reasoning.

The fact is that Lynda Bell cannot find any dirt on Daliella so she makes up lies to discredit her. Is this the person you want representing you? Is this the person you ally with?

Go ahead, vote for the worse commissioner ever to sit on the BCC and then suffer when she turns against you and your family.

Sounds to me that you are just as mad as Lynda Bell.

Anonymous said...

Instead of trying to make lemons out of lemonade, Daniella should have been trying to lobby against the deal, I believe that's how it works. Instead, she was busy trying to spend more taxpayer's money and get affordable housing built among a plethora of other things to be included in the cost of the deal. As a public servant, you are supposed to fight for the people, instead of giving up and saying, well, it looks like it's going this way, so I may as well go along with it, and have more money spent anyway. When MLK thought that civil rights for African Americans was never going to be possible, did he say oh well, let's make lemons out of lemonade? No! He fought hard. Daniella Levine Cava is not qualified to be a public servant. Furthermore, even if she was making lemons out of lemonade, she was still supporting the deal, wasn't she?

How can she fight for us in District 8 if she can't even speak out against a bad deal?

Anonymous said...

Really? fight for the deal? Daniella was fighting for her constituents... the poor the friendless and the needy. Does anyone really think she was in bed with Loria?

On the other hand

Tell me how hard Bell fights for her constituents .. Watch the BBC meeting June 17, 2014... start about 11:30 am Bells chair the Sunlife stadium give away deal and I did not hear any of her "not one dime of public money" rant. In fact in a 90 discussion I heard nothing but her "NO" vote at the end AFTER a majority had already voted for the deal.

Wonder if it and anything to do with at $10,000 dollar donation to her PAC 2 weeks earlier?

Oh wait, that's right, she has no control over that PAC.

Anonymous said...

I think it's peachy keen that Lynda Bell's support staff have to keep writing responses in differing writing styles. However, since the lame excuses for attack points are so weak, it's a very anemic rant.

The "Greedy union" phrase also rings false and petty. Front line staff are on a written pay plan approved three years ago by the Commission....including Lynda Bell. Add up the price tag plus benefits of the Mayoral exempt appointees - cha Ching!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'll take up the pathetic throw down of a challenge. You don't need a rebut you need a head butt.

"All poor people are seedy."

That statement alone shows you to be an elitist. Go build a wall around your property and sit in your fully supplied panic room and a loaded shotgun waiting for someone to take it all away from you.

Geniusofdespair said...

I didn't bother to rebut you as you challenged, I erased you instead. So much more efficent.

outofsight said...

How come Lynda's staff person left to another job this month? How many have quit (What is the phrase? "found better opportunities"?) How many sued her? If county work is so cozy, her former staff members certainly didn't think so.

All the stuff chatted about on this blog never makes it into the lives of the voters in such a way that it makes an impact on their vote.

Instead, they will wonder why they have longer police wait times, why the library is closed and why there is no dog catcher. But, they will not connect those issues to their trip to the voting booth.

All you have to do is simply vote against the incumbent. That is the formula that you will see in November at the polls, you may as well get a head start. The people in office have been here long enough to make progress on the budget issues.

As for John Rivera and his fellow union directors (fire etc) - Lynda swore to look out for her constituents.She is sitting around beating the political drum, while her Mayor cuts 28 street officers each from Kendall and Hammocks districts and 37 street officers cutler ridge/south districts. That doesn't include all the resulting demotions from the loss of officers or the from the retiring older cops. She is really looking out us for us. I feel safer already. The cuts are not the unions fault, it is the budget managers faults.

Anonymous said...

During the time Lynda was Mayor of Homestead, go back and watch the videos of Lynda's actions. She was not only rude to the public she was extremely rude to Councilwoman Judy Waldman. The Councilwoman was the only person on who had the guts to stand up against her. And to this day she has marked her as her immediate target. Why? That is her style, disagree with her and she becomes very violent. The city of Homestead is done with that mentality.

Anonymous said...

Thank you from Homestead!!!!

Thanks to the many posts who did their homework. Now you know what Homestead has been through with this corrupt woman.

Now, perhaps Homestead will get the help from the voters in District 8 who now get the picture of what a horrible person Lynda Bell is.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now everybody, GET OUT AND VOTE FOR DANIELLA. We will never have this overwhelming opportunity again to clean up the BCC.

Ousting Lynda Bell will be the crowning glory for District 8, the district that had the guts to get rid of one of the most corrupt commissions ever to serve on the BCC.

Anonymous said...

Lynda Bell must be posting here. Saw the same talking points by the "lemons to lemonade" poster when Bell appeared on Putney's show last week. Working hard to tie her opponent to the stadium deal.

Anonymous said...

How can Lynda Bell explain her recent vote to give away Parcel B?

Anonymous said...

If Lynda Bell was a County Commissioner when the Marlins Scam came up she would have voted Yes.

Anonymous said...

Lynda Bell, do us all a favor- please, please go away. We're tired of your lies, and self serving ways.

On August 26th, I hope we will finally get to boot you out of office.

Anonymous said...

As they say in OZ...ding dong the witch is dead! Good riddance!