Friday, June 27, 2014

Lynda Bell Moves Fence Assured Out of Her House. By Geniusofdespair

Looks like Lynda Bell is trying to get out of her fence mess as reported in the Miami Herald -- not doing such a good job of damage control after the fact. We also reported on it in a 3 part investigative report. 

Lynda Bell had a fence company registered to her address while she was changing rules for fences at the County Commission and did not tell the other commissioners.  She wanted to allow chain link fences in front of houses in the unincorporated areas where they were not allowed.   Her daughter and her husband had a chain link fence company registered to Lynda's address...not anymore.
The new digs for Fence Assured are in Tampa. Looks like another private house.  Didn't Lynda Bell's son-in-law just buy a house in Miami Dade? His business is in Tampa?
2 months after the Herald wrote the article the address was changed.
Lynda Bell's Daughter is not named anymore but she was not removed in the Sunbiz address change, could be an owner still. I did not see a change of name of Jenna being removed as required when you get rid of an officer.

I did see this address change that came out AFTER the stories broke about Lynda Bell having a fence company registered at her house when she was proposing legislation about fences before the county commission.

Maybe he has new partners in the business, VILLANUEVA, SONIA who is the owner of the home. Jenna and her husband certainly can't conduct a fence business here from Tampa.
Something is fishy, why isn't Damian's name on this Tampa house address? Just a change to try get Lynda out of controversy?


Anonymous said...

Ah! The mystery of the fence!

She is up for a hard election and is trying to sew up lose ends, but too little too late!

Who owns it? Are her daughter, husband and children still living in Homestead? I guess so since she is a cop in Sweetwater, but what about the husband? Is he still around or has he moved to Tampa?

Lord have mercy. Just keeping up with Lynda Bell and her tribe is pure stress. Just go to the polls and get rid of her.

And that will be end of her.

Anonymous said...

Whatever she does is irrelevant at this point, it is clear that Daniella Levine Cava is going to win and it might be by a land slide

Anonymous said...

Lynda's daughter is pregnant. She is on light duty at the Sweetwater police. What is 5 kids now?

Anonymous said...

We need to get rid of Lynda asap. Can election day be today? So tired of her pay to play and corrupt self serving agenda

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just like you can't wash West Dade out of that boy, you can't wash Homestead out of this girl.

Anonymous said...

I agree with above Anon. too little, too late and terrible timing.

The worst kept secret at county hall last fall was Daniella was moving to Palmetto Bay to run. Bell waits until Daniella closes on the house THEN tries to cover her fence tracks.

Lynda, if it was not an issue then why the change? All you accomplished is shooting yourself in the other foot then handing the ammunition to your critics.

Anyone remember former district 8 commissioner and professional grab ass Larry Hawkings ? Darling of his party? Lots of money? Lost to a political newcomer because he mishandled an old ethics issue?

Anonymous said...

Don't you have to take a test to become a fence contractor in Miami? Who took this test- Lynda Bell? Her son in law? Did anyone even pass the test to get the license? It is possible that no one even had to take a test because this is a Miami Dade County issued contractors license. Unlike her daughter who became a sergeant with an inside test this is an outside facility who gives this test. I'd like to see those test scores to back up that license.