Friday, June 20, 2014

County Commissioner Lynda Bell Fights for her Own not Us! Vote for Daniella Levine Cava. By Geniusofdespair

Watch the video it is less than a minute. 

Okay, I hope this is not your daughter Jenna we are talking about County Commissioner Lynda Bell. You said your daughter couldn't find a house. I wrote about this subject October 16th. Why do you Lynda Bell, think it is okay for your daughter to be profiting from the loss and heartache of others -- their homes in foreclosure?

You said your daughter made 7 offers and could not get a house. When you said this Oct. 3, 2012, Jenna had $6,000 in her savings account and $200 in her checking account. Her Husband had a job for 4 months and Jenna had her job for a year.  He was making $1,600 a month and she was making $1,554.80 bi-monthly. Jenna had two jobs listed on the form that she worked one month at. This  is according to a Fannie Mae HUD form she filled out February 17, 2012. Jenna also filled out the same form October 21, 2011 and was rejected November 21, 2012.

No one is going to sell you a house with those numbers and those salaries Lynda. She could have made 1,000 offers, she wasn't getting a house. You need 20% down now. Adding inventory is not going to make it easier for her. Saving her money would. Where is this $80,000 subordinate financing coming from? It wasn't on the form.

So you voted to lift a 30 year deed restriction because your daughter could not get a house because her credit just wasn't good enough? Or as they say in the trade, it was trash. You didn't even give a hoot about the thousands of us out here who considered this 30 year Covenant a solemn oath between us and our County Commission. Not one word.

Both Commissioners Sally Heyman and Dennis Moss said the 30 year Covenant that promised NO RESIDENTIAL was important to them. At the time of the vote less than 5 years ago, many said they were voting to move the UDB line for the office complex BECAUSE of the 30 year Covenant. But here you are lifting it because your daughter did not do any planning to purchase a house including saving and keeping a job. This covenant was important to all of us. The urban development boundary was MOVED because of it. But heck, maybe it will help your daughter, and that is all that matters to you isn't it?

Second you said on the video that you went to a school for urban design planning. You didn't say you took a course (which is probably more accurate). Exactly what school was that? Did you go for a weekend retreat or something? You just can't say anything you want on the dais. You have to be honest with us folks. We don't like to be mislead and we check what you say.



Anonymous said...

I watched the DAMN video and it was pretty damning. Why is Lynda's daughter applying for HUD grants? Did they ever paint that hotel with the CRA money that Lynda and her hubby got? How much grant money has this family applied for?

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute...Lynda Bell said she went to school for Urban Planning? What on-line sham school did she attend? She also says she is a visual person. So she visualized every house in UMSA having chain-link fence in the front yard and thought that would be attractive? And she believes bad land use decisions might lower the value of homes to an affordable level for her loser daughter? This short video tells it all - this woman should never wield the power of a county commissioner in Miami-Dade. Let's raise the bar and elect a better candidate.

Geniusofdespair said...

From the video comments good point:

Jan 25, 2014Why her daughter can't find a house, forget the fact she has no money.
Have you no feelings for the people devastated by all those foreclosures? They are families just like yours. Except they are homeless. Should your daughter be able to profit off of their distress, you think so.

Anonymous said...

Lynda Bell owns several properties. The Redland Hotel is one of those properties. Let your daughter stay in your hotel until she can do better. That's helping your child. Stop feeding off the public and lying on paperwork. Worst is not making good decisions to help District 8 citizens.

Anonymous said...

just like Lynda Bell, she only cares that her daughter can't get a foreclosure good buy, not acknowledging the thousands of unfortunate souls in her district who lost their homes in foreclosure.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn’t this blog be renamed?? I mean Lynda I believe is responsible for human trafficking, global warming, most, if not all crimes, oh and I think she eats manatees. We need to change this blog to the "I Am Obsessed With Lynda" Blog or “I Have A Crush on Bell” Blog.

Geniusofdespair said...

Don't read it. This is a very important election coming up. Maybe not to you but to us. The mainstream media is not writing about local elections so we are. End of story.

Anonymous said...

I saw her eat manatees and I expect it might be true about the human trafficking -- how do you know all this?

Anonymous said...

Homestead, Lynda Bell's home city does not want Lynda Bell on the Commission. She didn't even win her home precinct in any of her campaigns, including that of her husband who had the nerve to run for mayor thinking he would win because of his commission wife and special interest money.

She is history in Homestead. She has stopped attending events because she is not wanted and is ignored if she shows up.

Don't you think the people who live around her would know her character better than anyone else? Did you stop to think that because she lives in their neighborhood they know her too well to vote for her?

Lynda Bell has burned her bridges everywhere. She has no friends to support her and has to pay for her "volunteers." The only person who openly support her is her new best friend Gimenez who she didn't even support when he ran for mayor and he himself is on his way out.

Doesn't he know that support for her is toxic? Anybody she supports will lose.

Homestead does not want her, she kisses up to Palmetto Bay and gave up Pinecrest because she knew she could not win that district again.

Those are the signs of a failed commissioner. But she will never learn. It is in her nature. She is too much in love with herself and she cannot change.

Let her go District 8. Get her out while you have the chance. Vote for somebody you can trust to work in the best interest of you and your community.

Thank God we have a great candidate in Daniella Levine Carva. She is respected and loved by anyone who knows her or knows of her good works. District 8 will be fortunate to have her in their corner.

Please...don't make the same mistake twice.

Anonymous said...

Lynda Bell our "Hometown Girl" is a joke. I was at the council meeting this week and her husband read from a prepared document about the high cost of Homestead electric bill. I felt sorry for her husband and in my opinion he is an illiterate adult. He stammered and had trouble reading. It was really sad. It should be on the council video.

Anonymous said...

Lynda Bell's signs are a joke! Your Hometown Girl, are you kidding me?

Homestead threw her out of office. They didn't want her then and they sure don't want her now.

She was very clever to quietly swap some of the neighborhoods east of US1 with Moss. Carefully selecting North Gate, East Lake, Oasis and Waterstone.

Lynda has become accustomed to her perks and "extra income" earned by her precious vote. Her hotel sits empty day after day and no one dares to eat in the restaurant. If nothing else, you can rely on the fact that she is relentless and will do anything to win.

It is a shame this election is in August. People will forget to vote and she could slip right back into her seat.

Many thanks to G.O.D. for faithfully reminding us why it is so important to support Danniella!

Homestead resident said...

Damn. I can't vote her out of office. That sucks.


Anonymous said...

Let's think about this. I applied for at least 7 houses, had cash on the table and in the bank. I was outbid at times by people with 20k over asking. If a person offering cash can't get a house then how can someone with no cash in the bank and bad credit qualify for mortages?

I would guess if the commissioner tried to get a mortage as single or newlywed, she may not be so successful herself.

Banks don't care to be the ones violating rules these days.I am a retiree and investments really doesn't count for mortage qualification unless you can prove that you have an income that is steady and will last at least some time into the future. Paying yourself from a savings account doesn't matter. You have to have the income from a job. That is why I paid cash.