Saturday, January 25, 2014

Must I Sully the blog with Erik Fresen today? by Geniusofdespair

You keep voting for him because he has sparkling white teeth and he is handsome. But  he is only out for himself and his relatives who own charter schools. Erik Fresen needs to go.  Here is the District 114 map. For God's sake, look at it. If you live in it vote.  He rips us off. This is what Ethics Commission members have to say about him - State - not local:

"I’m going to defer to the collective wisdom of what this group wants to do...” Commissioner Matthew Carlucci said. “But this gentleman owes a $1,500 fine and refused to pay up. I have to say that that does stick in my craw a little bit because other people have stepped up and paid theirs. That’s not an even playing field to me.” Said Commissioner Linda Robison: “We don’t think it’s the right behavior for an elected official, but at the same time, we’ve done everything we can possibly do.”

Do not vote for this airhead please. You have Daisy J. Baez to choose from.

Daisy J. Baez Website
Her hopes for District #114 include:

• Expansion of economic development while preserving the beauty, heritage, and natural resources of its cities and neighborhoods.
• Education funding and reform that enhances education for all of the children of the district while setting them on a path to higher education and productivity.
• Work with governmental and community agencies to improve coordination of services.
• Work with community leaders to develop long term and effective strategies to increase safety and reduce crime
• Developing an advisory committee on health care legislation to include physicians, hospital CEO’s, health care executive, and health care company owners among others who would have an active voice in the health care legislative process.


Anonymous said...

This debate has a lot to do with charter schools and how the legislator is now stacked with members with ties to the indusrty i.e. Fresen, who chairs the powerful House panel that controls the education budget, is the brother-in-law of Academica founder and President Fernando Zulueta.

But in my day the deck was stacked the other way, public schools don't have a resign to run law and both the House and Senate were stacked with public school employees who where getting full school salaries while serving in Tallahassee. Who can forget Frederica "clown hat" Wilson.. but I can't find out how many are serving this session.

Anonymous said...

Eric Fresen acts like Gentings biggest lobbyist. Barf.

Anonymous said...

Fresen is a shill for whomever is willing to fork over a dime - Genting, the Dolphins, his brother-in-law's charter school company, ...

Anonymous said...

Whenever I see Daisy Baez at civic functions she is hands on, helping with anything needing to be done. She takes leadership roles but is also willing to do the menial tasks, like moving 100 folding chairs and always with a pleasant demeanor. She is an all around good person and will be an intelligent representative for our community.

Anonymous said...

Where Ross?

Anonymous said...

A well documented ethics complaint was filed against Fresen demonstrating that he failed to report over $750K in debt and other assets (mortgage judgment, IRS taxes, property taxes, county fines for failed building permits, autos, auto debt, net worth, etc...) and the ethics commission gets hung up on a $1,500 fine that Fresen failed to pay. And now the Ethics Commission passes judgment to the State House that is going to slap his hand and send him on his way with a ton of cash in his pocket so he can make sure no Dem wins Distict #114. Fresen is laughing at all of us this morning.