Friday, January 10, 2014

Genting: Ball Busters. By Geniusofdespair

We treat our workers like shit.
Genting/Resorts World (owner of the Miami Herald property) during the NY referendum, they made huge headlines for "doubling the wages" of these they just laid off 175 of them. Resorts World is the highest grossing individual slots casino in the US yet they're losing money on the buffet?

Scores of workers lined up after a meeting in a party room on the third floor of Resorts World Casino in Queens on Wednesday afternoon to turn in the uniforms they had worn in the casino’s buffet restaurant and pick up their final paychecks.

On Monday, about 175 employees of the buffet restaurant in the slot-machine and electronic gambling casino in Ozone Park learned that the restaurant had been closed and that their jobs no longer existed. The casino had received plaudits when, in late October, a labor arbitrator issued a ruling that doubled the average pay of workers.
I was at this Casino and I have to admit that there was a large amount of Asian workers ( compare to the neighboring population) employed there and the food did suck. And, in the bar they served scotch out of a plastic cup.

I wrote about this Christmas day. You will recall that Audrey Edmonson, Lynda Bell and her side-kick Eddie used tax dollars to take a trip to Singapore to visit the casino and meet with Executives. Here is more on Lynda Bell and Genting and their wacky casino high speed boat deal (that isn't working). They are unwilling to hire local workers at minimum wage. What a sign of how crappy a Corporation they are. I called it a boondoggle in the making and I was right.

Good jobs for Miami Dade County? I don't think so. Unions and County Commissioners beware! This company has a black hole when it comes to wages. Learn from New York City. Learn from the meager wages paid to the high speed boat workers. They don't even want to pay minimum wage, they just want to bring in foreign workers. That sure helps the  Miami Dade County economy and workers.


Anonymous said...

Funny how you are now asking the unions to take note while you have bashed unions in the past. Perhaps it was the flavor of the day and you were merely piling on EOM.

As a union member, I enjoy wages and benefits that would be otherwise unreachable without my labor union. It's the way the working class gets what they deserve for hard work. Look at the history of labor unions in the US and worldwide and you will understand.

Don't hate me. Jump on board and we will all enjoy a modicum of prosperity together.

Geniusofdespair said...

You have the wrong blog because you do not know my position on unions. The only negative thing I ever said about unions is that they sometimes support bad candidate. See our guest blogs by Norma Rae.

Anonymous said...

I think we say "Asian workers" now :)

Anonymous said...

I like the fact that the former Beacon Council executive, ousted by Bell, refers to the new proposal by Genting as Slot Houses. It has a nice ring to it: Slot Houses. Just sounds like a sweat shop for gambling addicts. We don't need these scum crippling the booming cultural economy of downtown Miami. Let these creeps shuttle addicts to their Bahama Resort on their modified ferry. Keep this crap our of downtown.

Anonymous said...

"worst of the worse". Slot machines are made outside Florida and they require almost no employees. Slot houses hire almost exclusively low paid workers who pick up trash and serve drinks. The drunker the customers the more rent money they lose. Gimenez is in favor of slot machines and gambling. Bell too. Eric Fresen acts like a Genting lobbyist.