Friday, January 10, 2014

Former Aide and Former Good Friend of Lynda Bell Sounds Off. By Geniusofdespair

There was a comment about Lois Jones, long time friend and Aide to Lynda Bell, on my blog post a few days ago. She decided to respond to it:

First Anon, obviously a Bell diehard supporter in Homestead who we all know: What you think or believe about me does not matter, not to me or most others. What does matter is that your imagination is greater than your grasp of facts. Let me remind you because clearly you have forgotten.

I was loyal to Lynda Bell for ten years and, for those of you that do not know, political loyalty is something you can never buy. It is also a well-known fact and political rule that once you find political loyalty, you nurture and treasure it.

What you don’t do is betray it. Instead, you respect it. And worst of all, you never bring others in to step on it and treat it as garbage. That is however, if you have any clue of what the rudimentary of politics is about. You see, it is not something you read about in a book. Rather, it is something you learn from the experience and realities of this hard-fought game we call politics.

You trample on political loyalty and you will discover the hard way that you will lose.

Once you enter the world of politics, the only tool a political neophyte has is nothing more than old fashioned political loyalty and the experience of those who helped you get there. Forget that and you are destined to be a one-term player.

Enter Lynda Bell who, lacking political experience and even the meager basics of politics, chose to step on loyalty, throw it on the floor, trampled it to death and after she was done destroying it, what was she left with? Tell me Mr. Anon, what was she left with? Nothing but fair-weather friends who lack the experience and leadership skills she desperately needs especially since he had none. She did not even have the experience of simply working in an office. She came naked of any skills needed to succeed. Worst of all, she disrespected political loyalty and not just mine.

I don’t care what Lynda Bell does or is. What she did to me is long forgotten and so is my belief that she could make a positive difference. Sadly, because of her self-imposed importance and insatiable yen for power, she will be a one-term commissioner.

I gladly support Danielle Levine Carva in her bid to represent District 8. I have met Danielle and talked with her several times. I know people who have known her for years, those who know of the spectacular work she has done in the community and her legitimate care and concern for the suffering poor and disenfranchised. That is what I am supporting. Danielle is clearly a woman of distinction, who has paid her dues and understands government at its highest and lowest levels.

Miami-Dade County is steeped in corruption. It has become a part of life and if not checked will destroy everything I hold dear, the rule of law and the Constitution. Daniella Levine Cava is the person to begin the conversation at County Hall. She has the education, analytical skills, articulation, the measured calm and personality and most of all she has documented integrity and character. There is no doubt in my mind that Danielle Levine Cava is what District 8 needs in general and what Miami-Dade County needs in particular. I intend to help her win.

So, keep your petty insults to yourself. If you have something legitimate to bring to the table, feel free to do so, but if not, keep your immature foolishness to yourself. Please, leave the grown-ups to get busy with electing a new County Commissioner in District 8.