Monday, January 27, 2014

Absentee Ballot Fraud by Geniusofdespair

Candidates and their ethically challenged handlers welcome. Public welcome with plenty of money and you get limited access to information you pay an arm and a leg for.
The Miami Herald editorial gives Mayor Gimenez some love for opening up IP addresses  of Absentee Ballot requests to the public. I am not really that concerned with ASKING for absentee ballots -- the people still have to send them in. And young people are arrogant creatures with computers, In the Suarez case they got the cards signed but were too lazy to send them in. They think you can do everything on computer.

I agree the mayor did the right thing but here is what we should really open up: Signatures.

I went down to the Elections Department a long time ago and checked the signatures from  petitions disqualified for signatures, against the signatures on the elections computer.  I was able to question many, many signatures they had disposed of. They didn't charge me to sit there 2 days on a computer in a room with two other workers. One worker, by the way, was working, the other was on the phone talking to friends ALL DAY. Today, you can't even look at YOUR OWN signature on file. And If I spent two days at elections today, it would cost me a few thousand dollars. That is wrong.

Elections: If you are going to be that careful to NOT let someone examine their own signature when you disqualify it, then beware that you give campaigns far too much information about absentee ballots. That is why we have bolleteras. If the campaigns didn't know who had an absentee ballot there would be no fraud. Be consistent. Secret is secret. Some secrets help, others do not. Certainly letting someone examine their OWN signature does not hurt. Print it out for them.


Anonymous said...

The Herald never explained why the Elections Supervisor, who reports to Gimenez, decided to keep the IP addresses a secret. This woman takes direct orders from Gimenez. Only after the Herald ran a story on the secrecy decision did Gimenez reverse course and decide to make the information public. To praise the Mayor for reversing his decision is complete bullsh*t.

Remember, it was Gimenez who ordered the Elections Department to stop allowing absentee ballot voters at the main office on Sunday before the November election. The Strong Mayor runs that department, not Penny Townsley. She never made the initial call on secrecy, it was Gimenez. The Editorial Board is being reckless in their praise of the Mayor. Sickening.

Pascual said...

Penny Townsley. I remember when she was the secretary in the Small Business Development department. As the secretary, she became close buddies with Burgess crony Lester Sola and became a crony herself.

Despite her obvious incompetence and lack of qualifications, as a crony, she was able to go from executive job to executive job without the inconvenience of a job interview.

Remember how we were embarrassed by the long lines in Miami-Dade for the presidential election because Penny was too lazy or incompetent to adjust the precincts? Every other county would have fired her the next day.

Townsley is proof that it's all about who you know at Miami-Dade county, not what you know. What a disgrace!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I missed something here, but correct me if I'm wrong. Wasn't Mayor Carlos Gimenez the same individual who hired Al Lorenzo as his campaign manager in 2012? Wasn't Al Lorenzo the same individual who operated a campaign office on West 68 Street in Hialeah, the same location with boletera Daisy Cabrera Penton was caught taking dozens of absentee ballots she collected from senior centers and housing facilities? Wasn't it Commissioner Esteban Bovo's secretary who jealously guarded absentee ballots collected by El Tio Robaina and were kept in Bovo's office? And these politicians are STILL in office? Why do they get a free pass? Why does The Miami Herald praise Carlos Gimenez when it's editor knows fully well that In 2012 Gimenez joined forces with every absentee ballot scoundrel in Hialeah to win an election? And what of Mr. Al Lorenzo, was he ever brought before a grand jury to testify about his shenanigans? I do not think so! Trouble is that Mr. Lorenzo was ALSO State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle's campaign manager and his testimony would have brought down the queen bee and caused trouble in the hive. Don't know who writes these editorials for The Miami Herald but I do remember Michael Putney and company praising Gimenez throughout his campaign run. Do us all a favor, abolish that abomination called "Strong Mayor" and allow democracy to return to Dade County.

outofsight said...

Great idea. No Strong Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Incompetence at every level is killing us. You can't keep hiring people who cannot think. I am very worried about the people in Atlanta who have been sitting on the roadway for 15 hours with no food or water, and the gas in their cars has run out. Not only did officials not heed the weather channel who told us a week ago the snow was coming, but the response in the aftermath is inadequate for the magnitude of the crisis. To avoid massive preventage deaths, they need to bring the military in and to go car to car and get people to shelter and food. Anything less than this, is to welcome massive needless deaths.