Monday, December 09, 2013

The Economist Magazine shows how polarized we are … by gimleteye

How polarized is the United States? The Economist shows, how.


Anonymous said...

That may be the case, but a house divided against itself cannot stand. We pay Congress to compromise, make laws, and keep the business of the United States moving. Many people there do not understand their mission. They are not paid to perform and act crazy. If we are faced with another government shut down in a couple of months, we are going to have to do something to stop this madness. You cannot be a good Congressperson unless you are also a good compromiser. You argue and fight, but when the time comes to make things happen for the country, you make concesssions, you give and you take, and in some cases you cave in. This defines a good Congressperson, and defines good Congressional leadership. We have paid billions of dollars for a do nothing Congress and they have hurt the country.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows we are all different, have different views, ways of looking at the world, in fact we celebrate our differences. But we are a country, and we pay Congresspeople a lot of money to come to agreement and keep us moving forward. My way or the highway people should never go to Congress, this is not the place for them. They need to stay home and advocate their positions. The news is reporting that there is a possible budget deal on the table that would eliminate another government shutdown. People are going to have to compromise to keep us going. Let's see what they do.