Monday, December 09, 2013

X-Governor (too soon?) Rick Scott's Jobs Promise a Big Fat Bust. By Geniusofdespair

From the Miami Herald. What I think: It is Rick Scott Leading his church in prayer.
The Miami Herald is running a 3 part series on Governor Rick Scott's Job promise. Part 1 and Part 2. He offered incentives to companies that created jobs. That did a lot of good.
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Anonymous said...

Scott is the worst governor in Florida history. Beating Jeb Bush, that is saying ALOT.

Chauncey said...

The article says, "Since Scott took office, the state’s unemployment rate has dropped from 11.1 percent to 6.7 percent, and the state has added 440,000 private-sector jobs, according to federal data."

440,000 new jobs seems very successful to me, and ahead of schedule on his 700,000 in 7 years promise.

Why doesn't the Herald want to give Scott credit for the 440,000 new jobs? Do you think they might have a left wing bias?

Geniusofdespair said...

No the Herald loves Marco Rubio.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of free political advertising I wonder if the Herald will show the job losses under Gov. Crist?

Perez said...

It is interesting that when the unemployment rate goes down dramatically in Florida and when 440,000 jobs are created in Florida, the Republican governor is given no credit by the liberal mainstream media. But when the unemployment rate goes down nationally or when jobs are created nationally, the liberal press attributes those positive statistics to Obama. Of course, when there aren’t sufficient jobs being created nationally, GW Bush still gets the blame.

In the world of left wingers, Obama gets credit for all things good. Republicans never receive credit for positive things, and are instead blamed for all things bad. Now you know why Fox News is the dominant news source in America, and leftie newspapers such as the Herald, the Washington Post, and the NY Times are on their last leg.

Anonymous said...

So many jobs lost over foolishness. We lost thousands of jobs when Scott refused to take our high speed rail money. Projects like that are attractors in that they prime the pump to get other investors involved and additional money into the areas connected by the high speed rail line. So we lost the direct jobs from building the system, and all the jobs that would have been created by new businesses in communities along the rail line. Central Florida paid a big price for foolishness. I am sure when it comes time to vote again, they won't be voting for Scott.

Anonymous said...

To think that this Governor had anything significant to do with jobs retained, lost or created is foolish. Special interests either run the show or they ignore government. It is what it is.

Don't love Scott, but this is just typical left wing Miami Herald stupidity. I buy the Herald for the coupons, not the news.

Anonymous said...

Did we, or did we not lose millions of dollars when Scott refused to accept our high speed rail money? Have we lost millions of dollars because Scott refused to accept money to expand medicare? The answer is , YES. And thousands of jobs were lost just with these two actions on his part.

Anonymous said...

"...leftie newspapers like the Herald..." Ha. Ha. Ha. When you're waaaaaaay out there on the right side, everything looks "leftie" to you, doesn't it? If anything, the Herald is right of center. It sure ain't a left-wing paper.

Perez said...

Why do you keep spewing your nonsense about the Miami Herald being right of center? One only needs to look at the paper’s presidential endorsements to see that it is just another left-wing rag.

Year Endorsed Candidate
2000 - Democrat Al Gore
2004 - Democrat John Kerry
2008 - Democrat Barack Oblunder
2012 - Democrat Barack Oblunder

And of course, the lefties at the Herald hate Rick Scott, having endorsed his Democrat opponent Alex Sink in 2010.

Right of center? LOL! Tell me another joke.

Al Crespo said...

Why hasn't anyone commented on all the "CONFIDENTIAL" projects that got money. That's a huge problem in this state. Giving public money in secret to companies that no one knows anything about.

This was a major issue in the awarding of almost a quarter of a BILLION dollars to film companies for "incentives."

This all started under Jeb Bush, and he's the one who sanctioned this method of giving away public money.

Anonymous said...

The Miami Herald reports the facts. Actions and resulting numbers don't lie. Whatever is, IS. Just like everyone else, they look at candidates up for election and select the best of the group.

Al there is a lot going on that we know nothing about. . .