Saturday, December 14, 2013

State Ethics Department Rips Into State Rep. Erik Fresen. By Geniusofdespair

What does State Ethics Department have to say about Erik Fresen:
"Commissioners said it was “horrific” that Fresen had not paid the fine, and called the case among the worst they had ever seen. One commissioner likened the circumstances to a bank robbery."

“Can we do a public censure?” asked Commissioner Linda Robison. “I find this appalling and I think his constituents need to know he never paid a fine that was assessed.”
Doesn't sound like  our Miami Dade County Ethics Department does it? They would have said..."you can not whiten your teeth for a month." That is the tenor of their criticism.

Vote for Daisy J. Baez. Fresen narrowly won last election. Pay attention stupid voters. Read my Fresen files.

By the way this is what I said about Erik's fine in 2012.


The Jolly said...

Fresen looks like my elf on a shelf in that picture.

Anonymous said...

The Ethics commissioners almost hit the nail on the head when they said not paying the fine was likened bank robbery. The real bank robbery is that Fresen has skipped out on his mortgage payments for years (the US taxpayers have made his mortgage payments), has not paid his property taxes (the bank has) and failed to pay is taxes to the US government (IRS). And to top it off Fresen's amended Financial Discloser Statement are still wrong. Once again he has knowingly filed, under oath, inaccurate documents with the state Ethics Commission. And what the heck does purposeful omissions mean. Fresen just makes up crap like this all the time. No where in the statute does it say that one can omit non-purposeful financial information.

Anonymous said...

Fresen is the poster boy for conflict of interests and unethical behavior: "land use consultant" who votes to gut growth management and environmental protection legislation; charter school ghost business owner who chairs the education appropriations committee and votes every chance he gets against properly funding public schools... and the list goes on.

It's not his fault. He gotelected and reelected ttwice already. It's the voters' fault who don't research to find out what he's up to, and the rest who sit home and don't vote him out of office!!!

Grillo said...

Daisy Baez will make everyone in Florida and especially in Miami-Dade very proud.

Anonymous said...

I saw Erik Fresen at a debate on gambling and I swear Fresen was aggressive and determined to make everyone in the room OK with massive foreign owned casinos in Miami. He seemed just like a slick lobbyist. Too dumb to be an attorney, but he was slick. Only problem? He was an elected official from some hick precinct. Who is paying this dude to be Genting's mouthpiece?

Anonymous said...

Perfect candidate for county commission.