Thursday, December 19, 2013

MDX Attendance. Guest Blog by MDXWatch

If you are too busy guys, lets have some real CITIZENS on the board.

Robert Holland

Mr. Holland was absent for 100% of the Policy and Planning and the Inter Governmental and Public Communications meetings in 2012. He was physically in attendance for 3 Board meetings. He also missed the executive board meeting in 2012.

In 2013 Mr. Holland did a little better. He managed to show up to four meetings, phoned in for five meetings. He made it to one operations meeting and one policy and planning meeting. Incidentally, he phoned in for that very controversial April toll hike meeting where MDX raised tolls the most they had ever done so in the history of the Agency.

Must be nice to have the power to sit on a board like that and do nothing but vote when it counts.

Felix Lasarte

Felix Lasarte, a prominent land use attorney, was a bit more present in 2012. In the past he has pulled his weight over at MDX.

However in 2013 he has managed to be physically present at one board meeting, 1 committee meeting and 2 policy and planning meetings. He missed the big re-vote on the toll hikes and let everyone else do the heavy lifting on that one. If he had been present that would not have passed.

Has Felix resigned but failed to tell anyone? Should the commission call for him to step down?

Genius: No voting should be allowed over the phone. Citizens should be able to look the members in the face.


Anonymous said...

This is common among people who want titles for resume padding but who really do not want to serve. The simple solution is to pass a rule that after 3 absences, they are off the board. Telephoning in does not count. This way these people will look for other lax boards to use for this purpose.

Anonymous said...

Felix Lasarte is a lobbyist who works for billboard companies. He is always trying to put up bigger and uglier billboards. Lobbyists should be banned from boards. Period.

Anonymous said...

Express Toll Lanes are coming in Homestead, folks. That turnpike widening project you were promised over ten years ago is not going to be a Turnpike Express Toll Lane project. Yup, you'll get the extra lanes, but you'll have to pay to use 'em.


Anonymous said...

Lasarte needs to go. Appreciate that he voted against the toll increase. The commission needs to appoint a new person that will listen to the people. And Holland, he should have been gone a long time ago. The fishy smell is overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

If County Commissioners can't vote over the phone why should any board within the county be allowed to vote over the phone???

Anonymous said...

Well, you all can contest that April vote for the toll hike. Not sure if it means anything though because they revoted in June.