Thursday, December 19, 2013

Atlanta: My Most Recent Visit. By Geniusofdespair

The most important things I learned about Atlanta, in pictures  - Got back yesterday:

Margaret Mitchell originally named Scarlett Ohara: Pansy.

Gone With the Wind Manuscript

Margaret Mitchell

There are giant escalators everywhere in Atlanta:

I went on this, the enclosed cubes were heated. Highest in the world? Maybe.

The original Santa wore Yellow. Coke changed the color to match their colors and Santa's modern look was fashioned after the Coke illustrator. Yes I went to the Coke museum.

They were filming The Hunger Games 3 and 4 at our hotel. Game 2 was also filmed here (when in fictional city Panem).


Anonymous said...

Love the Santa factoid and the Hunger Games set.

Steve Hagen, Miami Green Park Advocate said...

You were in Atlanta and didn't call of visit me!!! I would have taken you to Stone Mt. State Park to see a gazillion lights on the "village" attraction whcih transforms every season.....Far more tastfull than that light thing they do near Tropical Park.

Speaking of esculators, at the same park they have this enormous slide attraction made with tens of tons of manufactured ice/snow for kids and kids at heart to slide down...It is extremely popular and is equipped with a very long people mover to bring you back to the top of the slide.....

Meanwhile Miami keeps permitting more concrete boxes in the sky with no effort to create even a tiny neighborhod park. Steve Hagen

Anonymous said...

So are you claiming that Santa is white? That's outrageous!

Geniusofdespair said...

No I am claiming that the Coke guide said he wore a yellow suit and then Coke changed it to red and white to match their colors. I personally think Santa Claus is North Korean.