Sunday, November 03, 2013

Miami Dade County Upcoming Elections Tuesday Nov. 5th. By Geniusofdespair

Mayoral Election Homestead:
MARK BELL: When asked how he garnered an animal ordinance violation arrest and conviction, and a fine, Bell said he didn't remember what he did. The Miami Herald reported:
Bell says he can’t remember what it involved. “This was what, in ’77?” he said. “It could have been anything from my dog getting out of the yard, or I didn’t get his rabies shot.”
Boys and Girls, when you have to go to court and pay a fine YOU REMEMBER. He was 21 years old. I remember vividly the only time I even shoplifted and I wasn't caught. I remember the store even. I was 13. Bell's minimization of this event raises red flags. First offenses usually only get you warnings, not fines, on the kind of violations he referenced.

Mayoral Election Miami Beach:
Phillip Levine's chilling instructions to the press and ban of bloggers from his press conference, plus his lawsuits, marks him as a bully in my opinion. I HATE bullies. I am glad we found out before it was too late. SLAPP suits are a tool of the rich. Too bad Levine follows suit. I would rather have more of the same with Gongora than be surprised with public figures doing lawsuits and intimidating the public and the press. I got enough of a surprise with Gimenez's behavior, don't need more.

City of Miami:
Jacqui Colyer was endorsed by the Miami Herald for District 5 in the city of Miami.

Jackson Memorial Bond:
You know how I feel about the stupid Bond for Jackson: One big No. If you look at what is happening with the Tennis Center now, you will understand why. Stop with bonds. We already give Jackson 1/2 a penny sales tax and a 1/2 penny from our property taxes - that is $350 million dollars a year. Why give them almost a billion more in one big shot? I never vote for bonds we get screwed in the end.

Here are some photos from early voting on the campaign trail.
Kennedy Park/Library Hialeah
Hialeah uses trucks with blasting sound systems. Looks like a slate.
Parking Lot of Kennedy Library
Miami Beach, Michael Gongora's Mom
Matti Bower supporters in Miami Beach


Out of sight said...

I have been around many campaigns over the years and each season it seems the campaigns get meaner and candidates get more pathetic . I am totally depressed by the way things are going --- how do we reclaim our political system in the world of voters who aren't working at being informed?

Anonymous said...

It's too funny that even the Miami Herald is scared of Lynda Bell and wouldn't actually endorse anyone for anything from Mayor to Council people.

Out of sight - There is just too much money in these campaigns supporting candidates who are so bad, only big bank accounts will fund them. The general public ignores politics, hence, we get the most publicized candidates elected which are usually the worst ones. I'd venture to guess at least 50% of people voting have no clue who or what they're voting for until it directly affects them!

Anonymous said...

Meant to add "in the Homestead Elections".

Youbetcha' said...

I bet that it is closer to 90% of the people don't think about the candidates. They go for the pretty pictures or they believe loaded phrases printed in bolded letters.

Ross said...

Also, in City of Miami, please vote "no" on the bayfront development lease.

Anonymous said...

How about the City of Miami race to find a replacement for disgraced Spence-Jones? The leading candidate for the $106,000 per year job is a 28 year old attorney with no experience a nasty mean streak.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know what Mark Bell did to that animal. I wish Harvey Ruvin would put more time into making court records more transparent (his real job) instead of forming committees to study rising sea levels.

Anonymous said...

Bellboy's rusty recollection is small potatoes compared to the fraudulent activity of his AB minions.

Anonymous said...

Just voted for Alex Dominguez for city of Miami Commissioner. He is the one who has refused to accept lobbyist funds.

HectorinMiami said...

I say this not just cause I've been helping Dr. Robert Malone for the past six months get elected to the Miami Commission District 5, the Miami Herald hasn't gotten anything right for awhile.

The other 3 candidates have each raised over $100,000 and made so many political promises that they are hopelessly compromised from doing anything good for the City of Miami.

Consider Dr. Robert Malone...

More than 20 years in community service (not paid!)

PhD in Education Leadership from Florida A&M

A True Choice for Socio-Economic Progress for District 5

He listens to everyone's concerns and does not play favorites...

and he returned checks given to him by political insiders expecting a guaranteed vote...

Honesty, integrity and passion for Miami!

Miles Brewster said...

I look at the Eye on Miami BlogSpot frequently because it often presents an alert to corruption and malfeasance that you will never see in the big media purveyors like the Herald and the Sentinel because they often have conflicting interests. The water and sewer system is pretty old in Dade County and it's time for a major upgrade. The cost will be in the billions. Anybody who pays attention to the bidding that contractors do in Miami-Dade should take notice that one of the bidders has broken the law. Because of the huge amount of taxpayer dollars at stake here, this is a big deal. I would beg Eye to look into the matter. What was the problema here? CH2M Hill company which despite the dorky name is a global force to be reckoned with came in to grab the lucrative contract and felt impervious to violate the law. They bypassed the MD procurement department which is a big no-no and delivered packages directly to the members of the selection committee who decides who will get the award for the construction. This is a clear violation of state and county law and I don't see anybody in government standing up to draw attention to this injustice. After we have had to endure all the various insults from the Feds violating our privacy and selling us on uncertain healthcare and the like, it seems important to stem the ridiculous hemorrhaging of funds locally here in the county going out to unethical vendors first and then try to correct the ills of the country next. I encourage the ever vigilant EOM crew to check it out and prove I am not a lunatic conspiracy theory guy.

Anonymous said...

Today at the polls Haitian individuals were arguing because only half had been paid to vote by Mark Bell and the others were angry and wanted their money to vote. Aside from the absentee ballot fraud committed in his campaign, this is still appalling people can be paid to vote. Very sad...Also, if someone checks his back yard at Comm. Bells house, they will find her daughter and her boyfriend living in a trailer which is illegal but then why would illegal activity be a surprise from either one of them.


Studly Steve said...

Michael Gongora's mom looks like a hottie.

Rochenel Marc said...

Good morning friends,
These are basic laws, rules and regulations you should know before consider yourself running for office in state of Florida and other municipalities including Miami Dade witch is the most corrupt in election fraud.


104.011-False swearing; submission of false voter registration information.

104.012-Consideration for registration; interference with registration; soliciting registrations for compensation; alteration of registration application.

104.013- Unauthorized use, possession, or destruction of voter information card.

104.031-False declaration to secure assistance in preparing ballot.

104.041-Fraud in connection with casting vote.

104.045-Vote selling.

104.047-Absentee ballots and voting; violations.

104.051-Violations; neglect of duty; corrupt practices.

104.0515-Voting rights; deprivation of, or interference with, prohibited; penalty.

104.061-Corruptly influencing voting.

104.0615-Voter intimidation or suppression prohibited; criminal penalties.

104.0616-Absentee ballots and voting; violations.

104.071- Remuneration by candidate for services, support, etc.; penalty.

104.081- Threats of employers to control votes of employees.

104.091-Aiding, abetting, advising, or conspiring in violation of the code.

104.101-Failure to assist officers at polls.

104.11-Neglect of duty by sheriff or other officer.

104.13-Intermingling ballots.

104.15-Unqualified electors willfully voting.

104.16-Voting fraudulent ballot.

104.17-Voting in person after casting absentee ballot.

104.18-Casting more than one ballot at any election.

104.21-Changing electors’ ballots.

104.22-Stealing and destroying records, etc., of election.

104.23-Disclosing how elector votes.

104.271-False or malicious charges against, or false statements about, opposing candidates; penalty.

104.31-Political activities of state, county, and municipal officers and employees.

104.32-Supervisor of elections; delivery of books to successor.

104.39-Witnesses as to violations.

104.42-Fraudulent registration and illegal voting; investigation.

104.43-Grand juries; special investigation.

Anonymous said...

You remember your shoplifting because it was a once in your lifetime experience.

When you lie cheat and steal all the time it all blends together. If you've been doing something so many times it's hard to distinguish one time from others.
I remember the one time I broke my arm as a kid. I don't remember the individual numerous trips to the doctor for twice weekly allergy shot during that same time.

Bell has that problem. All of his wrongdoings must be so common that they don't hold any individual significance for him.

Anonymous said...

HectorInMiami: I just checked the City's campaign elections report and the only person who will be at $100k will only be Dunn. I also have seen all candidates and at the debates and your guy Malone is good. Better than Hardemon and Dunn. BUT as mentioned in the Biscayne Times by Jack King "he needs political seasoning".

Anonymous said...

IS THIS TRUE? See previous comments "...CH2M Hill company which despite the dorky name is a global force to be reckoned with came in to grab the lucrative contract and felt impervious to violate the law. They bypassed the MD procurement department which is a big no-no and delivered packages directly to the members of the selection committee who decides who will get the award for the construction. This is a clear violation of state and county law and I don't see anybody in government standing up to draw attention to this injustice. "

miaexile said...

precinct 143/144 snorefest in NorthMiami .no one there to vote at 1230pm; one clerk fully asleep at the desk, other clerk exclaimed "no one knows there's an election!" ..sigh