Friday, November 01, 2013

The Story of Elaine Navarre and Lynda Bell. By Geniusofdespair

Elaine Navarre was a bit daffy but she was a driven woman. I spoke to her a few times. She claimed she financed her boyfriend, Harlin J. Collins, Action Plumbing to the tune of about $60,000. Action Plumbing employed Lynda Bell's husband. Apparently while she was with Collins, Navarre and Bell were friends. Elaine claimed the Action Plumbing truck was financed by herself.  They got a mortgage in 2008 on their home. (it was her house before she quit claimed deeded it to include Collins). It irked her to see the truck she claimed she paid for, always at the Bell owned, Redland hotel.  She claimed Bell was on disability at the time.

Elaine is dead now, the death certificate has wet ink, she died last month.  I wish I had her file, it was overflowing.  She told me Lynda Bell, who lived around the block, would pass in front of her house all the time.  I went to a trial where Lynda Bell was seeking a restraining order from Navarre.  Navarre, representing herself, made a mess of the case.  She didn't know what she was doing and she soon raised the ire of the judge.  After talking to Navarre, I think Lynda did harass her.  I think they both participated in the feud.  Read my August 31st 2012 post about her. Lynda Bell was seeking a protective order from Navarre.

From Court records against Harlin Collins. Apparently she was being fleeced by someone.  She made a quit claim deed to Harlin Collins of her home in 2006, during better times.
Elaine, 1/5/2010 was involved in a domestic violence suit with Mark Bell and a separate one with Harlan Collins. She was the petitioner. 1/8/2010 she was involved in a domestic violence suit with Lynda Bell, again she was the petitioner. Bell also filed one against Elaine. Elaine told me Lynda was evil and harassing her all the time. I don't know if that is true. 

Elaine died fighting lawsuits. So sad. Anyone got the scoop? Maybe she wasn't so crazy after all, maybe she was a woman scorned.  Harlin Collins is still an owner of the house and it looks like he will inherit it.  There is more to this story but I don't know it. Navarre does have a criminal record and Collins was granted a protective order from her that was later vacated.  Any friends of Elaine out there?


Anonymous said...

They are all trailer trash.

Anonymous said...

Look at how many years this story encompasses. Elaine was a neighbor that trusted all the wrong people. You have named all three. Yep she was driven,that's what happens when people lie and you feel disenfranchised. Her family and neighbors supported her emotionally and financially while the truck was at the Redland Hotel. I tried personally to motivate her to loose the "trailer trash". She had deep principals and spoke of God daily. She died of cancer with borrowed furniture,clothes,food,ect...I guess you get the point. The house is eaten with TERMITES,so beware to the future purchaser. She is in a better place. The big criminal record all pertained to these 3 people and their self serving oasis. Mark Bell lost yesterday so maybe the old saying that those that laugh last laugh best, Go Elaine, Lv Ya,,,,Also she lived in one of the most historical homes in N.W. Homestead. It was named The Byrd House and has a great historical record. I was told Dr. House once lived there. The News Leader has the front page history on this home. I read it. Elaine loved animals and if someone wanted to honor her in any way maybe remember her when you build the no kill shelter. She used her own grocery money to save animals as she was dying. SHAME on those bad people,,,,,,.

Geniusofdespair said...

Please contact me. and write ELAINE in caps in the subject line. We need to talk.

Anonymous said...

Would like to meet you, but I also enjoy my privacy. I am breathing a sigh of relief after this election. I am happy that we aren't stuck with the "turnip farmer", Ha Ha! Just wondering if you have an opinion on all these Ethic Cases that seem to come out of every corner of Dade County??i wonder if you have a duty to report things you have known for three years to the public you serve?? Some members of The Homestead Coty Council said they were aware for years they had huge problems and this is just the tip of the Iceberg. What's that all about. Can you really trust someone with all those ""secrets or power""???

Anonymous said...

Finally she is out of office. Elaine is smiling from heaven.
Karma is still at work. Homestead has to pick up the pieces and move on. I hope Daniella will keep an open mind and stay on focus. Our city Debt is now more than our county debt. Does anyone think these are sound decisions? Take a close look at your tax bills. Only 1,000 people are in favor of this. The county can't expect to get any more money from Homestead if we already owe too much debt on bonds. What's next?? Another bond?? Just saying...!!!!