Monday, November 04, 2013

Problem in Greynolds Park in North Miami Beach. By Geniusofdespair

The Southern end of Greynolds park has very stinky water. It smells like a sewer and looks really gross. County parks are not being maintained.  They have a blue tarp on the roof of one building.


Anonymous said...

Miami-Dade Parks Director and Broward resident Jack Kardys is just another Burgess/Alvarez crony who was appointed to his $235,950 job without competition. Gimenez kept Kardys as the director just like he kept the rest of the incompetent political hacks who were buddies of George Burgess. Gimenez has no standards. At the very least I would want a parks director who lives in the same county he is supposed to serve.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the same lack of maintenance at Matheson Hammock. The park just looks grungy. The bike trail through the hammock is not being maintained, was filled with muck and the roads and paths are falling apart. Picnic tables and benches are old and should haven replaced long ago. Part of the underfunding of services that serve the general public that is used by residents Same for public library system.
Yet we build Taj Mahal facilities for the performing arts and professional sports that make us a "world-class" city for tourists.

Anonymous said...

Miami is the Detroit of the South.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the Knight Foundation will fix that. LOL!

Anonymous said...

There ought to be a citizens fund to test water quality. That water looks like puke or diarrhea … why couldn't the Knight Foundation set some money aside for citizens to "tap into", to test water quality in canals and on shorelines and beaches. (Because I guarantee you, the results would be shocking. Bad for bidness.)

Anonymous said...

"The Southern end of Greynolds park has very stinky water."

Decomposing organic matter, which includes leaves and such, smells bad.

"It smells like a sewer and looks really gross."

Have you ever stuck your nose in your toilet? It smells "really gross." Where do you expect your shit to go? Sewers smell. And so do wetlands. It's a natural process.

"County parks are not being maintained."

If you're idea of maintaining County parks is eliminating all the shit, you need to eliminate all the sources of the shit. I've been to many natural areas way away from urban areas in FL and guess what, it still smells like shit sometimes. That's nature.

"They have a blue tarp on the roof of one building."

No way! A blue tarp on the roof. That's crazy. Does the blue tarp smell like shit?

Anonymous said...

Parks, aquatic preserves, and lands acquired by the County for preservation shall be held in trust for the education, pleasure, and recreation of the public and they shall be used and maintained in a manner which will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations as a part of the public’s irreplaceable heritage. They shall be protected from commercial development and exploitation and their natural landscape, flora and fauna, and scenic beauties shall be preserved. In lands acquired by the County for preservation and in parks along the Ocean or the Bay the public’s access to and view of the water shall not be obstructed or impaired by buildings or other structures or concessions which are in excess of 1500 square feet each. Adequate maintenance shall be provided.

Prem said...

I haven't been to Greynolds in a couple months so maybe this is a new problem, otherwise I'm with anonymous above, nature preserves sometimes smell like the waste of nature.

Geniusofdespair said...

I have been here at least 50 times, this is not normal and neither is the smell.

Anonymous said...

Ok and to add to the problem, the city of North Miami Beach has re-zoned the property next to Greynolds Park, along West Dixie Highway to allow for three 10-15 story buildings (two hotels and an office building). Maybe the stink y'all are smelling is the rancid way the NMB city council is being run to allow this magnificent, eight-decades old Park to suffer in the shadows of these concrete monsters. The Park needs to be maintained (county's responsibility) and the buildings must not be allowed to be erected (everyone's responsibility). The Miami-Dade Parks and Recreation Department came out against the building of this development next to the Park in June 2012, but has done nothing since then to protect the Park from this development nor has it done its duty to keep the waters and grounds in the Park clean. Thanks alot, Jack Karyds. The Miami-Dade Historic Preservation Board issued a proclamation against the development next to Greynolds Park in April 2013. Yet, nothing, right now, is stopping the NMB city council from proceeding with this catastrophic idea. The traffic in the area, already a mess along Dixie Highway (which really isn't a "highway"'s a two-lane city street), will quadruple (to some estimates) if this project comes to fruition and the peaceful neighborhood behind the Park will be subjected to noise, air and traffic pollution all day and night. Property values of home owners will certainly plummet if this project is allowed to be built.

While everyone on this blog is begging the county to take care of its Park (Greynolds Park is not in North Miami's in unincorporated Miami-Dade), everyone should also write to the county to help stop this project. It's the county's responsibility to keep the Park clean and save it from greedy developers. Write to Sally Heman and tell her to get on the Park's side. Right now, she's not. She's standing idly by while developers are going to try to put three monstrous buildings into a neighborhood where the tallest buildings are only three stories high. But, the vast majority of structures are one-story, single family units.

Go to the Facebook page: SAVE GREYNOLD PARK and see what you can to to help.