Monday, November 04, 2013

Leroy Griffith Describes Gongora Shakedown in Miami Beach. By Geniusofdespair

Leroy Griffith
There is a bad group of candidates in Miami Beach. Can't support Gongora after businessman's Leroy Griffith's admission:
You see, I supported Mr. Gongora in his bid for the City Commission 4 years ago. I thought he would make a positive addition to City Hall. But I have since become very discouraged by his misconduct as a Commissioner.

While at a lunch with him in July 2010, he told me that unless I hired his campaign manager, he wouldn't introduce a legislative matter I asked him to bring before the Commission.

I refused this shake-down -- this extortion attempt one which was witnessed by a business associate of mine.

Mr. Gongora also failed to list in two successive campaign reports contributions I made to his 2009 campaign. I reported these violations of state election law to the authorities.
I don't like Levine for bullying the press and others, I guess the comedian is the only one left.


Anonymous said...

These are crimInal charges against Gongora.

Anonymous said...

As much as I dislike Gongora, the source of these allegations is pretty sketchy.

Do some simple research on Leroy Griffiths before you believe a word he says.

Geniusofdespair said...

Smut king or not, if officials are trying to extort from the guy and he is not lying, he has a legitimate beef.

South Beach News Newspaper and Broadcast said...

Hey "Anonymous"

Why research Leroy Griffith? He has a 59 year history on Miami Beach, pays taxes and is not a criminal. Besides all of that, Griffith was not shaking-down Michael Gongora, Gongora was trying to shake down Leroy Griffith.

BTW. Carl, former publisher of The Wire (gay newspaper) was also at that table and witnessed the shake-down attempt.

So what's your real name?

Anonymous said...

Gongora and Randy Hilliard? Reason enough to vote for Philip Levine.

Anonymous said...

Philip Levine won easily. I guess the voters were fed up with Gongora and his "more of the same" platform?