Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Election Results: November 2013. By Geniusofdespair

Late afternoon: Nothing yet.  But thinking positive.

Looks like Jeff Porter will beat Mark Bell for Mayor
In Homestead Mark Bell got 451 absentee ballots and 414 early voting.  Jeff Porter got 518 absentee ballots and 257 early voting. In early and absentee's Bell is winning by 52.74% (Bell's 865 votes to Porter's 775 votes). Rumor has it Bell's money was buying Haitian votes in early voting. UPDATE 9 pm: Mark Bell and Jeffrey Porter - with 4 of 16 precincts reporting, 6 votes separate the two. 9:27 - 4 votes separate the two. 9:56 Porter has 1,220 votes and Bell has 1,096 with 10 of 16 precincts in.  It is 10:26 and the final numbers are still not posted on the elections website. 10:30  with 13 of 16 precincts in Porter has jumped to 1,647 to Bell's 1,341. Porter has 55.12% of the vote.

In Miami Beach Philip Levine got 1,952 in absentee ballots and 1,498 early voting for a total of 3,450.  Gongora got 2,458 between the two. Steve Berke got 598 or 9.09%.  9:23pm: Looks like Phillip Levine is the winner. With 23 of 36 precincts he has 50.7%. There could be a runoff if he dips below 50%. Gongora has 36.89%. Mickey Steinberg is leading in early voting and absentees with 2,194. Jorge Exposito 2,913. Matti Bower is in the lead with 2,867 in early voting and absentees. There will be runoffs in all 3 of the Miami Beach Commissioner seats.

Keon Hardemon has 1,550, 42.59%.  9:19pm: Hardemon now has 45.42% with 23 out of 36 precincts reporting. It looks like he will be in a runoff with Dunn.

The damn bond: 10,252 in early voting and 51,643 in absentees: 65.67% support the stupid thing. 9:20 the damn bond is at 83,260 - 65%.


Anonymous said...

If you were a Democrat, you probably got a ton of mailers. I am a republican and did not get one on the Jackson thing. I think they didn't want us to remember to vote. Pathetic. A friend of mine went to vote and they told her that she had already voted by absentee ballot. The stink just keeps getting stinkier. We need to get 60 Minutes down here.

RealTruthofMiami said...

Bell lost, so at least, you can be a little happy..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above:
Please contact elections and report your friends ballot was stolen. That should be punishable by death!!
Do something before your town becomes the next Hialeah.

Anonymous said...

There is a large precinct in keys gate that hasn't reported.

Anonymous said...

Porter has pulled ahead by almost 150 votes. Math seems to suggest that it's done. Porter has won; outside of the recount margin too.

miaexile said...

AB fraud on the bond!! Who would've thunk it?!?

Anonymous said...

The idiots in this town think bond=free.