Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Plumber's Assistant Mark Bell has raised $93,315 thanks to his wife. By Geniusofdespair

Would you take a campaign donation from someone connected to this - Havana Palms? The developers got $350,000 in public funds to do it too! Mark Bell took 3 donations from the developer.
I will call Bell a hotel owner when the hotel makes some money.  I am told this $93,315 raised by the Bell's is the most raised in any Homestead election.  I am also told he has just as much PAC money.

Looks like he finally got Alger farms.  Of course, more from developer Wayne Rosen and Steve Torices - Atlantic Civil (Rock Miner). 

Most important: Bell got and ACCEPTED more from Duarte Viera. Anibal Duarte-Viera is accused of renovating and selling the now condemned 19 units in Little Havana.  Sosa and Heyman were outraged at the developer and wanted to seek justice on behalf of the homeowners.  According to  sources Heyman was contacted to speak about Anibel Duarte Viera but the man was told by Heyman's Chief of Staff the County Attorney advised her not to talk about him (I would suppose because legal avenues are being considered).  So even though the Commissioners aren't talking, the Bell's are flippantly taking money from the same guy the county is considering legal action against.  Let's face it money to Mark Bell is money to Lynda Bell. From the Miami Herald:

Miami-Dade County commissioners expressed outrage Tuesday (June) about two real estate developers who received more than $350,000 in public funds after selling ostensibly renovated but rapidly crumbling condominiums to low-income families in Little Havana.

Commissioners said they would seek legal ways to hold the developers accountable for selling the units in the Havana Palms complex.

“We need to make sure that we hold people responsible,” said Commissioner Rebeca Sosa at Tuesday’s meeting. “There has to be protection for the residents and for the peoples’ money.”

The commission unanimously approved a resolution to convert into grants the zero-to-low-interest loans of seven families who had received county aid to buy the condos in 2006 and 2007.

The county has not figured out how to recover the money from developers Anibal Duarte-Viera and Gabriel De la Campa, who in 2006 converted the 60-year-old complex to condos. Through Montara Land Company V, LLC., the developers sold 19 of the 32 units from 2006 to 2011.

Would you take money from Anibal Duarte-Viera? Mark Bell did 10/11/2013 ($500) and more in August ($500). Rebeca Sosa: Do you know about this???


Anonymous said...

Government has been doing things wrong for so long that it can't do anything right.

Anonymous said...

Campaign contributions from a Coral Gables slumlord. Why is contributing in Homestead?

Anonymous said...

All the money being raised to pay for the commercials that lie about Jeff Porter because Mark Bell and Lynda Bell are desperate. She is one of the dirtest politicians out there and all the time smiling. Who spends that much money in an election unless they have an agenda which they do, both of them. He is rumored to have been in the KKK and has numerous code violations. I was told the mortgage on the Hotel Redand or Redlinn was forgiven and the company set up to write the mortgage disolved and we know where that money came from.

Anonymous said...

Stop with the KKK "BS". Its s rumor that you are trying to make stick. The KKK rumor stems from the Veterans Day Parade where the Sons of Confederate Solders marched in front of then Mayor Lynda Bell.

Jeff Porter was the Military Affairs Chairperson for the parade. He set Lynda up; he was in charge of the lineup. This was part of a plan set-fourth by a current Councilwoman in Homestead. How do I know....I was at a few of the planning meetings.

There is no hope for Homestead with either of the candidate running... With Mark Bell you get Lynda...And with Porter you get the Good' Ole Boys and Old Homestead... Oh speaking of the good ole boys, guess who is back...Steve Shiver! Shivers real-estate investment firm is behind the purchase of the Bowling Alley...

Has everyone forgotten Jeff Porter when Councilman voted to pay Shiver off for the Shotgun houses. Now Shivers back and just in time to get his buddy Porter elected...

Anonymous said...

Mark was not in the picture with the Confederate Flag-Lynda was as you said, so the rumor did not start there. You act as if Jeff Porter was the only person on council. Have you forgotten Lynda Bell served on the same council and costs the City of Homestead money when she was sued. She threatens people in town on a regular basis that even put Porter's signs up and because some have county business with her, they are scared business owners and take them down. This is fact. She uses her postion to intimidate and bully. But you a right to yourown opinion.

Anonymous said...

You are the one starting rumors as Porter did not set up the line up or set up Lynda Bell and Mark Bell was not the one in the picture, so the rumored KKK does not come from that.

Anonymous said...

The KKK is a secret organization with a hush membership. Unless you see them in their white robes or they admit membership then lets move on.