Saturday, October 19, 2013

Absentee Ballot Fraud and Mark Bell's Freudian Slip. By Geniusofdespair

It was on the front page of the Miami Herald that Bell's team is accused of absentee ballot fraud. I have a name of ANOTHER woman who is alleging similar charges and have supplied her name to Penny Townsley who in turn said she turned it over to the State's Attorney's Office to follow up. Anyway back to Mark Bell's Slip:

“What I think is happening is Mr. Milton is upset because our team is gathering ABs,” Bell said. He quickly corrected himself. “Not gathering them, you know what I mean, but talking to voters.”

It is illegal to GATHER absentee ballots. Mark Bell is dumb enough to say that. Remember: Lynda Bell won her seat by Absentee Ballots. Are you scratching your head now to imagine how she did it?


Anonymous said...


Good Old Tim.

He has been in the midst of every Florida City and Homestead campaign since the sun started rising --- He takes money from the candidates, watches the mail boxes (the county shares the AB mailing info) and helps the community with their ballots.

In 2012, he worked his way up into Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, South Miami, Richmond Heights complements of McGhee. Tim brought the "ground game" to areas where there was none before. He was a paid shrill for McGhee at public events, representing himself as a an Executive Director of a Florida City youth organization, when he was on the McGhee payroll. It was surprising that Tim would qualify to be an executive director of a youth organization because he had shadows in his past.

Tim doesn't appear on Lynda's previous candidate payroll, but then, he likes cash. So, who knows?

However, as everyone in the south end knows, you throw something up on a report for poll working and you are good to go. The Homestead/Florida City candidate
lists Tim frequently in previous campaigns.

Anonymous said...

I hope this man Tim go to JAIL for what he has done to the people Homestead and Florida City. He cost Marc Rochenel lost last October the primary.

Anonymous said...

Who is McGhee and is there any info on what's happening in Hialeah right now because that's ground zero of AB fraud with thousands of more votes at stake.

Anonymous said...

Not Tim Melton, who only delivers flyers and is not Haitian but read below:

At least one of the two men who filled out the Brockington family’s ballots, James Brady, the corresponding secretary for the Miami-Dade Republican Party, works for Bell, the husband of Miami-Dade County Commissioner Lynda Bell. Brockington and Scott identified a photograph of Brady, who went to school with one of Brockington’s sons.

The second man remains unidentified. Brockington and Scott described him only as “Haitian.”

Read more here:

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. Mark Bell with absolutely zero experience in the hospitality industry buys a Hotel which has been losing money for years. He somehow finds $25K as a down payment and somehow finds someone to hold the mortgage for $225K. The purchase price was $250K. You do the math. He receives $25K from the Homestead CRA shortly after this. Wendy Lobos is on an ECO apparently supporting Lynda Bell, now Mark Bell, as well and is also the Registered Agent for the 5 S. Flagler Hotel LLC.

The Mtg. company, Redinn, has been administratively dissolved and has never held any mortgages prior to this mortgage or after this which I checked in both Dade and Broward public records.

Someone want to walk me through this and why I should be remotely surprised by his admission he violated campaign laws and then the "oops"?

After reading the numerous posts on this and comments, the Barf meter should be off the scales. This is the dirtiest Homestead election to date, and the most expensive. The last time it got this dirty was when former Homestead Mayor Lynda Bell ran and lost against Bateman.

Anonymous said...

Tim Melton worked for Porter and Williams in the Primary Election and now in the General Election.

Melton's payments appear on Porter and Williams' Campaign Treasurer Reports.

Anonymous said...

This isn't about Tim Melton, read the Miami Herald Article right...

Anonymous said...

It is Milton that Bell refers to ... But the article is about is about ABallots.

Melton, as in Dusty, is a professional who represents folks during government negotiations.