Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mark Bell Fundraiser. By Geniusofdespair

The fundraiser was tonight.  These are the people invited, who are not going.


Anonymous said...

Why couldn't Lynda find someone actually in Homestead to throw a party? What is really weird is the background of that flyer. It must have been used for another campaign or something because it lists States in the US. Perhaps it would have been better to advertise sub divisions within the actual City and that is assuming he knows them which could be 50/50 with either one of the Bell's.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they went and will not admit it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this was supposed to be for Lynda Bell since it's in Palmetto Bay. DuBois house would have been much nicer since they were having a fundraiser for a candidate in a local Homestead election and DuBois business partners wrote the mortgage for the Redland Hotel or Hotel Redland or whatever name they're using on it now which isn't anywhere in Redland by the way. The irony here is too funny.

Go Porter and I need a barf bag to say that. Thank you Shelley and Burgess for not cow towing to Steve Shiver on that Bowling Ally screw the taxpayers deal since he was the one who caused the whole mess with that place the first go around with the shotgun housing stuff.