Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lynda Bell's Campaign Donation From Her Campaign Account to Florida Right to Life. By Geniusofdespair

Apparently the address given for the $1,000 donation Lynda Bell gave to Florida Right to Life is at Florida State University. It is the address of the student mailboxes says one mom.  It is not the official address of Florida Right to Life which is in Almonte Springs.

There is an event in Tallahassee April 18th sponsored by this group:

Event Includes:
*Celebration of LIFE Breakfast – First Baptist Church of Tallahassee
*Praying for LIFE – Steps of the Old Capitol
*Meetings with State House & Senate members (They don't have a political action committee)

If this is what Lynda Bell's $1,000 is going towards, it is totally inappropriate. People giving to a non-partisan campaign do not expect to be supporting favorite issues of the Commissioner.


Outfight said...


She takes developers money and gives it away before the campaign even begins. She is über confident that she doesn't need money to win. Note to Bell supporters: don't waste your money on her campaign, she doesn't need it.

Anonymous said...

For us, giving to Bell is just to show strength in numbers.

Anonymous said...

All campaigns are allowed to do so and in fact, do it. Please do not be so politically naïve.

Secondly, to whom she donates her campaign funds is her choice. Would you approve of it if she were instead donating to Planned Parenthood?

District 8 Voter said...

I didn't donate to her campaign, wouldn't vote for her, but I think it's really a good idea for her to do this stuff because it shows voters we're she's at, and, unfortunately for her, we're not in North Florida where this would be a badge of honor. She is not in line with the majority of the Dist. 8 voters, never has been, now they need to get out and vote her out of office. Last anon, usually when a campaign is over is when those types of donations go out, not in a campaign cycle unless it's advertising to Tallahassee, who don't vote down here, or pro life Gator students!

Geniusofdespair said...

I don't approve of these type of donations unless there is leftover cash AFTER the campaign.

Anonymous said...

You may not approve... but it is legal and done by most politicians.

Anonymous said...

To "District 8 Voter":

"shows voters we're she's at" is improper grammar. You mean:

"shows voters WHERE SHE IS."

There are many other grammatical errors in your post, but that one is the most obvious.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing this is a way to show where's she's at. In other words, count on her to try to control women's issues regarding Jackson and the Health Trust and the money for the bonds, you can be sure that her agenda is "life" so those who support right to life will financially support her. Just an investment for the future. If she gets an opponent, she can multiply her donation by 100 fold now.

When will someone run against her.

District 8 Voter said...

I am assuming you understood what I meant. Please, correct my grammar all you want. I didn't realize a few sentences on a blog needed to be checked for such things. I will keep that in mind in the future.

Outofsight said...

I am not politically naive. I just believe that when I give a candidate money, it is to be used to support campaign materials ... Not for nonprofits... And for not organizations outside the county or if at all, the donations should go preferably to my district. Certainly, after the election, not before.

If I want my money to go to a nonprofit, I will select which one and take my tax deduction, tyvm.

Geniusofdespair said...

No grammar or spelling requirements here!!