Friday, October 11, 2013

Frank Del Vecchio's Picks for Miami Beach Election. By Geniusofdespair

Miami Beach Activist Frank Del Vecchio
Mayor: Philip Levine 53
Group I Commissioner: Sherry Kaplan Roberts 56
Group II Commissioner: Michael Grieco 62
Group III Commissioner: Joy Malakoff 66

He says further:

The incumbents should be held accountable for their profound failures of oversight over the last several years:
• overlooking corrupt practices
• failure to hold the police to account
• failure to enact a charter amendment prohibiting a casino at the convention center
• tying convention center development to a bad deal overturned by the courts
• waiting too long to install flood pumps
• refusal to adopt term limits

More about Frank:

Frank Del Vecchio, who retired to Miami Beach with wide experience in municipal affairs in Boston and Washington DC and then became the most prominent watchdog of Miami Beach government. Del Veccio finds it to be part of a badly flawed system in Miami-Dade County. Posner quotes him saying “public/private partnerships in Miami Dade are totally crooked. It is the most corrupt government, at almost every planning and implementation stage, I ever encountered.”


Anonymous said...

Frank Del Vecchio is a hero. The City of Miami Beach is lucky to have someone like Frank watching.

Anonymous said...

Miami Beach officials look to the city attorney for insight on legal issues. If I were to propose a condominium on top of a public parking structure how would I receive the deed for my purchase? Any lawyers care to answer?

Anonymous said...

Frank is no hero! He is a political hack, worse than the others. He wants you to believe he is not biased, but he has sold himself to the Wolfson/Levine agenda. He is not an independent thinker, he follows Wolfson. First they supported Gongora then they oppose Gongora. He should be putting the paid political disclaimer on his emails, it's so bad.

Don't be fooled! It's time to expose this devious agenda of corruption.

Anonymous said...

Levine=Wolfson=David Custin=Ralph Andrade=Frank Del Vechio

Not too hard!

Anonymous said...

It appears Jonah Wolfson has been right on the big issues. The Judge did rule in a manner that supported Wolfson.

Anonymous said...

Can we get a public statement by Mr. Del Vecchio to see if he is for or against the public-private convention center in Miami Beach?
That should clear up any questions about him.

Seems he is against Watson Island/Island Gardens being developed because of traffic issues.

Are Miami Beach developers afraid convention space will be added in Miami before Miami Beach completes its billion dollar debt deal?

I'm confused how the fakes in Miami Beach are against developing Watson Island because of traffic yet want a public-private convention center expansion that will attract more tourists and increase traffic in Miami Beach. Somebody care to clear this up?

Anonymous said...

Wolfson (the registered lobbyist in the County) is in bed with the developers and tow companies.. He recently sponsored a change in parking requirement to help his developer friend Russel Galbut (yes Alex Dauod's crony). Gave him and his lobbyist friend Ralph Andrade (yes towing company lobbyist ) an $8 million benefit and city land.

He is a wolf portraying himself as a lamb. He has everyone fooled. Including Frank D.

It's time to wake up! The City is going to be overrun.

Anonymous said...

The City of Miami controls Watson Island. Jungle Gardens owes over $50 Mil in various loans. Island Gardens (the Flagstaff scammers) have had 12 years and they never put a shovel in the ground. Their exit strategy is supersize their previously approved RFP. The Children's Museum was illegally converted into a for-profit Charter School.

MB Leeward Blowing said...
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Anonymous said...
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Geniusofdespair said...

Personal attacks are out of line. You can say you disagree without the character assassination. FDV is always thoughtful. He may be wrong, but don't attack him attack his ideas.

Anonymous said...

FDV is a Wolfson donor and supporter. Wolfson is in the pocket of Levine. Levine is running a slate with Malakoff, Grieco and Roberts. FDV supports the entire slate. Do the math.

And, personal attacks are not out of line. When someone steps up and declares that their opinion is somehow more important than that of another he enters into the political fray. He opens himself up to questions of his character and his judgement. Your act of censorship is what is out of line here. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Please take down the post that declares FDV is a 'hero.' If we are not allowed to comment on the man's character in the negative then why are you giving his words weight by allowing his character to be brought up in the positive? If you insist on the disgusting practice of censorship and robbing your readers of their first amendment rights then the least you can do is be consistent.

Geniusofdespair said...

Removing personally belittling statements is not censorship. And by the way you have no first amendment right on a personal blog.

Jo Manning said...

Don't trust anyone who posts as Anonymous! It is a cowardly act.

Prem Lee Barbosa said...

Why did you chose to highlight this guys recommendations, when he doesn't even include reasons to vote for them? The only details included are reasons not to vote for incumbent members, but that's a simplification since the things he claims are not necessarily the fault of the whole council.

And then some details about Del Vechio But arguments of authority are illogical. A reasonable recommendation must include REASONS.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, as the daughter of FDV, I know he is a donor to no one in the political arena! He gets no kick backs. He likes to be involved and volunteer his time and opinions...