Sunday, September 01, 2013

The Miami Herald actually did a GOOD article on Homestead. By Geniusodespair

Read Arrest Upends Bizarre Political World. you will be pleasantly surprised the Miami Herald  actually scratched at the under-belly of Homestead, something the Herald usually avoids:

"Within Homestead’s small circle of politically involved residents, personalities can clash in a big way. On more than one occasion, bar fights have broken out between opposing political factions.

Other times, the close-knit nature of Homestead’s political class has proved personally profitably for a select few. Nowhere in the city is this more evident than in Homestead’s quaint downtown."  And:
"Over the years, millions of those dollars have been squandered through bad business deals with the politically connected, according to a 2010 audit. The county audit tore into the city’s dealings with Steve Shiver, a former mayor and county manager of Miami-Dade who played an active role in multiple ill-fated initiatives."


Anonymous said...

Excellent story from two of the Herald's younger writers.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's nice to see Shiver in the spotlight again; gaming the system is the only way he knows how to make a living. The reporters ought to have mentioned he was former county manager and delved into how and why he was appointed county manager.

The reporters should understand (and would, if the Herald archives ever published stories on the subject) that Homestead land development has always been the holy grail of tract housing forces.

By leaving alone the corruption, KFR gave her tacit blessing on the fraudsters who include community bankerz. In other words, there are a lot of dirty hands in downtown Miami wearing fancy watches and rings, thanks to corruption in Homestead. Some of them even with pensions from the Miami Herald.

Anonymous said...

Shiver wouldn't answer the reporters' questions. The Herald would do a service to Miami Dade just hanging a reporter at City Hall in Homestead for a few months.

Anonymous said...

If Lynda Bell was not behind ALL if this, the Herald should do some REAL research and see what dirty tricks she has had up her sleeve for a long time.

Anonymous said...

All these things should have been reported and investigated in real time. Not after the fact. What shenanigans are going on just like this at city and county halls right now? Only Eye on Miami and other blogs report it as its happening. Or question bad deals that obviously are not in the public interest. Like the Marlins deal. The Dolphins deal. The Big Sugar stuff. The DEP selling off conversation lands as "surplus." Even the shut down of public libraries - the staff firings and draconian cuts, an absolute obsession by Gimenez to make the library system "sustainable." Doesn't make sense because - could it be - there is more to this story than simple budget bean counting? I suppose we'll find out the truth long after its a done deal...and residents are left holding the broken pieces.

Anonymous said...

If they really wanted to do a good story, they would have tapped into Bell's stuff when she was a one term mayor. The fact that she's not mentioned in a literal hole in the doughnut in and of itself. What about her rock mining lawsuit and the taj mahal she wanted built, and so much more. She was just as bad as Mayor as she is on the commission with her RTL and anti Gay stuff, not even mentioning the appearance of the mis use of her position to get aides hired inside county hall, as a previous post made notice of. Nope, this isn't complete. Bell was just as bad. When she was on council she frothed at the mouth to annex Redland which she was able to obtain a few parcels which are still being farmed today thankfully. But, that was due to the leftover Roscoe Warren built it they will never come and the housing market will crash with it.

Nope, two key players leading to the build it or rock mine it are not included and they should have been. Warren & Bell.

What about Waldman and her real estate dealing? These people named and the others not named have destroyed what used to be a mecca for winter produce and a nice, sleepy community where everyone knew each other. Their games for so little profit versus people like Rosen who knew they all went so cheaply sold us out.

That entire council now and in the past are just as culpable.

Anonymous said...

Pinky Munz. Wayne Rosen. Michael Laterner. Bill Losner.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Epling & Alger and a special mention to the Dade County Farm Bureau with the assistance of tummy stapled Katie Edwards!