Monday, September 02, 2013

Obama on Syria: Doing the right thing ... by gimleteye

The Obama White House made the case on intervention in Syria, and the President listened to the public response. Good for President Obama -- too -- for making Congress take a stand. A debate in Congress -- especially one that grinds along partisan lines -- might embolden Assad to unleash more chemical attacks on Syrians. If that happens, American voters will have to take a stand, too.

There are no good options in the Middle East for the United States. There are terrible limits to the work of drones and air power that only appear to provide a measure of distance between taxpayers and their investment in the military. Give the risks, including the risk of doing nothing, President Obama made the right decision to involve Congress.


Anonymous said...

Where is the Arab League? Why aren't they doing anything? The reason I ask is because I feel as if we're (the US) is being forced in to a no win situation. Philosophically, we cannot sit idly by. Know this though, Russia and Iran are in play. Russia is profiting from the Civil unrest and Iran will use any excuse to bomb Israel.

I've never felt so much like where heading back into the Cold War & Iran US hostage years, simultaneously, like I do now.

Jordan is probably overloaded with refugee's. We need their support to help buffer Israel who will be under direct assault. I'm glad I'm not a politician having to make these decisions. The other spin I'm hearing is it's not direct threat to the US. The problem goes back to the "red line" speech. I don't like the fact that the US being fundamentally neutered. I don't like the fact of foreseeing the problems which will occur if we do anything. G-d bless the USA and my sympathy's to all in Syria fighting for freedom. This is one tough call which I'm glad I'm not on the other end of the line to receive.

Anonymous said...

Obama can't make a decision without smoke and mirrors, when will you libs learn that?
Six months to honor a request for more troops in Afghanistan in 2009.
Lied about the Affordable Care Act to get it passed.
Flip-flop on gay marriage.
DOJ ordered to go after states with voter ID laws, yet nobody can get in a government building without ID.
Now he shifts the decision to Congress because Mr. Nobel Peace Prize does not want blood on his hands.

This is weakness on leadership.

Anonymous said...

Some want to drag the USA into another war that was preventable to begin with. First photos of the Syria attack show people without wearing masks, gloves or any protective gear displaying, touching and hugging victims of chemical warfare, get real there are other cases of chemical warfare to compare this to and it does not look anything like this. Someone wants to feed the cycle of perpetual war.

Anonymous said...

He should have performed his "limited attack with no boots on the ground" the day the chemical gases were launched. There is no need for congressional approval for such a "limited attack." But, now we dither, argue, and politicize the issue, and ultimately do little or nothing. Weakness abounds!

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget, there's corporate profit in war. Think Halliburton and others like them.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a war criminal.