Friday, September 06, 2013

Most Stressful Places To Live In America: Hey, Who Are You Calling Number 3 !!?? ... by gimleteye

According to Sperling's Best Places list, two metropolitan areas are more stressful than Miami and Miami-Dade. Tampa - St. Petersberg and Las Vegas. Hey, that's not fair!

The metrics used to by Sperling include the percentage of families that are divorced, average time for one-way commutes, percentage of unemployed, and crimes per 100,000.

According to Sperling, Miami won the category for time spent fuming in cars, to and from work. It's a popular theme at Eye On Miami.

The traffic metric encapsulates how democracy was deformed in Miami and Miami-Dade to serve the interests of zoning land use to allow sprawling suburbs to overwhelm quality of life. The stress experienced by millions of Miami-Dade commuters made a handful of developers and land owners both politically powerful and extremely wealthy. Put another way: your stress paid for the lobbyists' and land use attorneys' quality of life.

There ought to be two more metrics in the Sperling arsenal: 1) relative influence of metropolitan area in state politics and 2) tolerance of voters for political corruption.

If those metrics are included, Miami and Miami-Dade are number 1 by a country mile. 


Anonymous said...

Miami Beach must have the highest percentage of botched condominiums that removed the soundproofing carpet and installed tile. Sperling should add that metric.

Rex said...

Too funny. We are at the top of so many dubious titles.

Gifted said...

Ugh, I hate these lists.
The metrics are ridiculous and they dont take cultural aspect (however dubious) into account.
For instance, families that are divorced. It isnt a secret that so many from Central and South America pay to get married here for a few years to get a green card.
And I know that not everyone can choose to live in the "Miami" and have to live in the suburbs. But I rather live in a shoebox and not have to deal with traffic than have a 6 bedroom.

Anonymous said...

Miami is also number one in museums and cultural institutions that should never have been financed by the public with private names on them!

Anonymous said...

Miami is No.1 in the worst negotiators for privately owned sports stadiums funded by taxpayers. Go Miami!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the Knight Foundation board views these metrics against all the money they've donated over the years. Could it be they are funding totally the wrong cultural institutions? Does anyone care?

Anonymous said...

The Knight Foundation: creating powerful opportunities for change. LOL.

Anonymous said...

People are for change in Miami so long as it doesn't involve changing the status quo that destroyed our quality of life.

Anonymous said...

Stress is internally determined and experienced. Chaos can occur all around you, but as along as you don't let it in, it won't impact you. The key is psychologically keeping it out and there are many ways to do it.