Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Environmental groups appeal to Gov. Rick Scott: purchase U.S. Sugar lands now! ... by gimleteye

Every acre taken out of sugar production in the Everglades Agricultural Area is a step closer to an even playing field in Florida politics. Gov. Scott, when he was elected to office in 2010, had an extremely limited awareness of sugar's impact on the Everglades and its influence in the state legislature. Now that the communities on Florida's coastal estuaries are up-in-arms about the vast pollution and destruction of quality of life and real estate values, it is clear that the only way to more surface water storage and cleansing marshes is to purchase significant additional acreage and to take by eminent domain what the sugar billionaires refuse to sell. Gov. Scott: help Florida now.

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Anonymous said...

Great letter! Thank you to all who wrote/signed on behalf of all of us who care about this issue.

Anonymous said...

This purchase sucked then and it sucks now. We don't need the US Sugar lands, we need the Fanjul lands, plain and simple. The District staff knew it back when then-Governor Christ announced this corporate welfare plan for a large campaign contributor, but were forced to take the deal, even once it was scaled down one from the original plan. This deal hamstrung the agency's other Everglades efforts and will continue to be an albatross around the Everglades' neck until the next "bright" idea comes along.