Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Comcast Complaint: online on-demand streaming of TV programs and commercial advertisement ... by gimleteye

I'm a Comcast subscriber for television programming and high speed internet who has been migrating toward viewing on demand, with online streaming.

Comcast recently made a change that is maddening, through its on demand app: inserting commercials that are mandatory viewing, with no escape or fast forward.

With pre-recorded HDR devices, you can fast forward through commercials. You used to be able to do the same, with online streaming but Comcast recently added a "feature" that makes it impossible.

I became a cable subscriber including premium channels that I paid more for, precisely because there was no commercial advertisement. So it is plain wrong, that Comcast is ADDING its own commercials back into television programming that had been commercial-free, without any escape feature.


KG109 said...

Take a look at UVerse - do they do the same thing?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Comcast needs to change that.

Anonymous said...

What is even more frustrating is that I will watch family friendly programming on Comcast OnDemand such as Agents of Shield, and Comcast will insert commercials for Showtime's Masters of Sex. These content of these commercials are adult in nature and should not be shown with programming that I sit down and watch with my children. It's bad enough that they show this, but it's even worse that we are subject to watching it because we cannot forward through the content.