Monday, July 01, 2013

Biscayne Bay Water Keeper tries to keep Miami Dade and EPA honest... A tall task ... By gimleteye

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100panthers said...

When a law student reads the law books of cases in Environmental Law, it is rife with names of non-profit and underfunded environmental groups who brought suit, made law and forced the lumbering, lazy and partisan EPA or other government agency FINALLY do its job. Glad to see this suit!

What is it about the American ethos that it worships business and discounts environmental costs? Costa Rica is moving towards becoming carbon neutral as a country while Germany (an industrial powerhouse) has renewable energy power 25% of the economy.

In America renewable energy contributes 11.7%, but if we remove old hydroelectric dams that have environmental impacts and were never intended to be renewable...the United States gets a pathetic 5.5% from renewable energy!

Really a pathetic showing for the richest most innovative country in the world.