Sunday, June 30, 2013

The United States of ALEC ... The American Legislative Exchange Council ... by gimleteye

I don't know a journalist or writer capable of filling the shoes of Bill Moyers when it is time for him to rest. These days, Moyers may have conceded a few steps to age and depend on scripts, but his voice, intelligence, insight and compassion for America is unmatched.

Moyers came up through experience as a Washington insider during the Lyndon Johnson era. He was shaped before the age of celebrity and remains untouched by it.

His recent work disclosing the role of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) deserves wide distribution. You can watch the entire episode by clicking here.

At Eye On Miami, we are very interested to know if ALEC sponsored legislation is making its way down to county commissions in Florida. Along this line, please send us any information you may have ...

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Prem Lee Barbosa said...

the kind of foot work necessary to connect those dotes is no laughing matter. I'm amazed at the kind of investigative journalism that still exists in pockets.

I first saw United States of Alec on Democracy Now!, an organization which has covered ALEC much, but not specifically for florida.