Thursday, May 23, 2013

Update on the EAR meeting. By Geniusofdespair

Will Rebeca Sosa be Miami Dade County's Next Mayor?
I wrote about the Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) earlier this week.  I was home sick and could not stomach watching a County Commission meeting on TV. I was doing enough up-chucking.

I asked a bunch of people who watched it on TV what they thought.  Most said the hero of the meeting was County Commission Chair Rebeca Sosa.  She showed leadership for not cancelling the meeting due to the funeral of Lincoln Diaz-Balart's son (some Commissioners were absent because of it, like Barreiro). Chair Sosa said that the County Commission's first duty was to the residents of Miami Dade County.

My friends were impressed with the questions Sosa asked and overall had great things to say about Rebeca. Also mentioned favorably was Juan Zapata. Some liked his questions.

The consensus was that the worst one on the County Commission during this meeting was Pepe Diaz.  That doesn't surprise me at all. Forget about that miraculous transformation I was hoping for when he was faced with a brain tumor.  No epiphany for Pepe. He was more concerned with the property owners than with the county as a whole.

The County Commission advanced the Staff recommendations, ignoring the changes recommended by the PAB that I did not like (that added in Lennar's Parkland). Thank you County Commissioners.

Commissioner Dennis Moss,  voted against transmission, afraid that this transmittal will create another "camel's nose under the tent" situation. In other words, that the transmittal will create a lobbyist feeding frenzy while the EAR is in Tallahassee for review. I agree this will probably happen. I would suppose that if anyone had an epiphany after adversity and can see things more clearly, it is Dennis Moss.

Am I surprised by this vote? You bet I am.  What do I attribute it to? I don't know but I am left with two options that I will pose as questions: Is Rebeca Sosa's leadership helping to create a  climate for better voting on global issues, such as growth management, by County Commissioners? Is Sosa helping her colleagues see the bigger picture to sustain the health of the County's natural resources?

One last thing, my condolences go to Lincoln Diaz-Balart's family for their loss.


Anonymous said...

I was there. I agree with your friends except Pepe and Bell's love fest for land rich ag farmers. They didn't seem to care for the small farmers.

Less is More said...

I was there, and I am not the most savvy of county citizens, but after I said I drove 2 hours to be heard,and they decided to continue the meeting, they did. And despite the confusing presentations, the vote was 7-1 for REDUCING the Urban Expansion Areas. I am not a large land holder, but Diaz and Bell did mention Redland several times after I urged them to not be responsible for the demise of agriculture,as they may have to rely on Redland to provide the food on their table, especially if other coutries need all their own food to survive and stop exporting. And it seemed that Chair Sosa rebuffed the Lennar rep presenting expansion to 152. When the tape is released, please tell me if I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, and I hope you feel better today. Sosa's actions may be a good sign. We desperately need enlightened leadership at the Commission level.

Anonymous said...

Yay, Rebeca! She could finally have the gentile and cooperative style we need, while still making her positions get through.

Myami said...

It is about time we had a Chair that can reason with the imbeciles sitting up there.

Anonymous said...

How much did this meeting cost us taxpayers? These commissioners and staff had Flowers. It appeared to me moving, staff salaries possibly with overtime and just getting ready had to cost. My solution have your dog and pony show in one of the already established municipalities.

I will be asking for a public record cost.