Friday, May 24, 2013

Some of Miami-Dade County's Unfunded Infrastructure. By Geniusofdespair

The numbers are from Miami Today:

$1.4 Billion public works and waste management areas (of that $429 million to repair bridges)

8.7 Million of water and sewer needs in addition to $12 billion in repair and replacement infrastructure.

That is $13.4 Billion folks THAT WE NEED TO PAY and they are voting to fund stadiums?


Anonymous said...

I think they waste money on stupid projects like giving that Nigerian group in Jordan's district a Fifty year renewable lease for a few dollars, what a waste. If it were surplus land they should have sold it and put towards the Unfunded infrastructure .

Anonymous said...

And that does not include our transit needs and roadway improvements. Nor is there any consideration for the impacts of the sequester and the loss of federal funding for all kinds of needs in the county from food for the elderly and almost every other federally-funded program. But someone told me Ross has announced that he is ready to make a deal with elected officials to get taxpayer's money for his stadium. And if the taxpayers don't pony up, there will be no super bowl for us!

Anonymous said...

How much have we wasted on six-figure Water and Sewer salaries through the years?

Anonymous said...

Almost every Miami-Dade County executive is over paid. They all get excessive pay and benefit packages. Remember, Miami-Dade executives researched and then recommended the $3 BILLION Marlins deal. Eventually. 9 or 10 low IQ commissioners approved the bailout.