Thursday, May 09, 2013

Homestead's Wendy Lobos Forms an ECO. By Geniusofdespair

 Keep an eye on the Good Government Now ECO formed by former Homestead Councilwoman Wendy Lobos.  I thought that ECO's are now outlawed, maybe just for State  elections? Don't know. Anyway, I will be watching this one.  Coincidentally, Lynda Bell registered to run for County Commissioner on the very same day, March 25th, that this ECO was formed and Wendy Lobos is a big fan/BFF of Lynda's.  Maybe the ECO is for Bell's benefit?  This ECO does have a link to Mayor Gimenez. Joaquin Urquiola the treasurer of the ECO is the same as the treasurer for Mayor Gimenez's Common Sense Now Pac  (raised $2,643,491.67), that supported him in his run for Mayor.

 Mayor Gimenez is entangled with Lynda Bell pretty heavily in the funding department, having thrown that fundraiser for her last week.  I hope this isn't a mistake for him. I think it will come back to bite him, hard.

Has anyone heard the rumor that Mark Bell will be running for Homestead Mayor? That would be a hoot.  Lynda Bell, in a brightly flowered frock, was seen at the Homestead Council meeting last night.  She said nothing. She just sat there. Was she there to throw eyeball darts at her nemesis Frank May who had an item on the agenda: the Seminole Theater?


Anonymous said...

The Homestead Council voted 7-0 to support the efforts and decade old objective to finish the Seminole Theater. I cannot figure out why Mrs. Bell who was present did not speak and give the Homestead Council and citizens and certainly, Mr. Frank May and the Seminole Board her support. By remaining quiet I left the meeting thinking she did not support it. That is sad since she is the former Mayor of Homestead.

Anonymous said...

She wouldn't support anything with Frank May involved.

Anonymous said...

Wendy Lobos is this the same Wendy who married her husbands brother? Is this the same Wendy that is the Chief Executive Officer of affordable housing owned by Clayton Enterprises? Is this the same Wendy an immigrant who sat on the Empowerment Trust in Florida City and was not a citizen of the United States at the time and handle business related to Florida City? Wonder did she tell the truth on her paperwork to become a citizen. Any truth to these rumors.

Anonymous said...

Honey Boo Boo Bell's brain Eddie B. wasn't there?

No wonder she sat mute.

Anonymous said...

The comedy value of Mark Bell running for any public office would be worth watching Honey Boo Bell's campaign money go down the drain. While she cons the County pols, she's still dirtier than dirt in Homestead/South Dade. We don't forget, the County Pols will learn.

A few things of interest will be Bell's healthier financials from when she first ran for commission. Especially the additional $20k from the Homestead CRA. Any update on that investigation by Bell in to these CRA's? Think not. In her simple minded world, why not profit then investigate, which is what she did.

The name of this whatever kind of committee this is is even funnier. Her other nemesis, Katy Sorenson, runs the Good Government Initiative. Any coincidence of the naming of this?

Gimenez is turning in to a cash cow for many. That's the upside. The downside is it won't last and the fact he's lost the voters who supported him on his ride to glory or whatever his ego builders have told him.

I personally can't wait for this chapter to be closed on all of these recycled pols like Bell and now Wendy Lobos coming out of hiding after all these years. If there's bad policy or commissioners Bell is now ground zero. Her and those who now ride on her coat tails will go down in flames with her as well.

Good riddance to Bell in 2014, Gimenez in 2016 if he's not recalled sooner and Lobos can go back to her room unless she wants to endure the facts that follow her which don't match her new reinvented history like Bell.

Anonymous said...

By the way, it's Wendy Lobos not Wendy Lobo as on this report. I wonder if we get an award for finding the error. If so, I'd donate it to the Eye on Miami public records request fund.

From the property appraiser:


Looks like there was some type of quick claim deed in February of 2013. Something removing Cedric's sister from the deed. Who knows. This is all a bit too sickening for me.

For all of those who want more information, take the Eye on Miami challenge as I call it and do some public record digging too. This took me all of 60 seconds to do.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't her nickname "Loco" Lobos? What Gimenez has to gain by any of this is speculation at best. Bad judgement is more like it.

Anonymous said...

The Seminole Theater is Historical and should be finished and completed. This has bee going on too long.